Las Vegas Looks Like Home To The Goettl Air Conditioning Company

2016 has seen the triumphant return of the Goettl Air Conditioning brand to Las Vegas, Nevada, and I for one am very happy to see a company I have trusted for decades return to this area. Like many in Las Vegas I was sorry to see Goettl depart the area when the great recession struck in 2007, but under new owner Ken Goodrich I believe Goettl has the chance to become an even more important part of the Las Vegas environment than ever before.

I believe the decision to purchase the Moore Air Conditioning brand is of great importance to the future of Goettl, which I believe will result in the reputation of the brand increasing in the coming years; Goettl will be able to take advantage of the more than 50 years of experience and success the Moore brand has developed, but this will now form a major part of the reputation the Goettl brand is rebuilding in Las Vegas. I hope there is much more to come from Goettl as the brand has been of importance in Arizona and Nevada for decades and will hopefully continue to be of importance in the future.

Goettl has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I have been happy to hear the heart warming story of Ken Goodrich being given his first experiences of HVAC repair as a ten year old boy under the guidance of his father; as a customer I am happy Ken Goodrich is looking to make sure the tradition of the company is respected.

After being established in Arizona the Goettl brand has spread across the southwest, but under the leadership of Ken Goodrich the last few years have led to an increased level of customer service and skilled repairs that hark back to the golden era of the company in the 20th century.

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Moore Air Conditioning Sold To Goettl Air Conditioning

I have read that the Las Vegas Valley has a growing power, because of the absolute necessity for Air Conditioning there, in the renewed Goettl Air Conditioning. They have just acquired a local company with over fifty years of experience: Moore Air Conditioning. The updated company will be adding more than 100 new jobs for workers in the Las Vegas area over the next year. Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl, is the HVAC company expert who saw the value of Moore’s addition to his company’s over 300 years of technical expertise. Much of this information came from thisPR Newswire article.

CEO Goodrich stated that the acquisition of Moore Air Conditioning will continue Goettl’s long commitment to bringing his customers top installations and maintenance services. Bringing Moore’s Air Conditioning and climate control professional experts to Goettl’s growing business in the Las Vegas area, in my opinion. He is planning to position the company as the top residential air conditioning company in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. He sees a likely 50 percent growth of the company, which will result in all the new hires.

I have heard that the company will mostly be hiring new technicians through the local College of Southern Nevada, from their A/C technology program. Goodrich setup an endowment called the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. It was named in honor of his father. Goodrich’s philanthropy did not stop there. He also sponsors the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program. You can read more about Goettl on Angies List.

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How James Dondero Strives to Enhance the Lifestyle of the North Texas People through The Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero is a philanthropist and has been devoted to giving back to the community. His company Highland Capital Management (HCM) recently increased the amount of money that it offers to charity, and therefore, it has been seeking for an affiliate to control its new $3 million budget. HCM formed a collaboration with The Dallas Foundation through the assistance of Mary Jalopnik who serves as its president and CEO.

The institution is highly knowledgeable about the administration of funds that are used for charity undertakings. Mr. Donderoo and Mary created robust, determined, and efficient strategies for offering donations and this led to the establishment of the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc.

James Dandero’s charity contributions are primarily dedicated to education, healthcare, and veteran activates that are located in Dallas. The new partnership will be crucial since it will help in increasing the charity to institutions such as The Perot Museum, The Dallas Zoo, and The Bush Presidential Library.

They also brought Linda Owen on board to help in the management of the Highland Dallas Foundation. Linda previously worked for the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation as the president and CEO. She has sufficient leadership expertise, knowledge, and relationships that will significantly help in bettering the lives of the North Texas communities.

Mr. Dondero is one of the proprietors of the Highland Capital Management, where he also serves as the President. He is based at firm’s principal offices, which are located in Dallas, Texas. Jim is skilled in equity and credit market, and his primary expertise is in distrait and high productivity investing. Mr. Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, and the company has been a frontrunner in the growth of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and the formation of the credit based services for organizational and retail businesspeople across the world.

The HCM president also serves as the chairperson of organizations such as the Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and the CCS Medical. He also sits on the boards of the MGM Studios, and the American Banknote. Before founding the HCM, he served the Protective Life, which is a unit of the GIC.

James was the Chief Investment Officer of the company, and he helped in raising its worth to $2 billion as from 1989 to 1993. James Dandero attained the highest honors from the University of Virginia where he studied Accounting and Finance. He also holds professional designations such as the Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant.

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Skin Whitening Cream Products that Work

When it comes to whitening your skin and getting it to look its best, Makari is one of the top brands out there for you to make you some and can easily help you to achieve your desired look in no time. A lot of people who are looking to lighten their skin are doing so because they are dealing with harsh blotches and hyperpigmentation that can truly put a damper on the way that they look. This is why so many people have chosen to make use of the Makari brand and are thrilled with the results they are able to achieve from this amazing company.

Makari has been around for several years and continues to be one of the top skin whitening cream products on the market. Because of this, you will find that this benefit you tremendously and enables you to achieve your desired look in very little time by using a product that is safe and reliable for thousands upon thousands of other customers. If you have never heard of Makari before and would like to try their products, you will want to visit a local store that has this or you can even visit their website online to see what is for sale and what you can purchase for this specific need.

Now is the time for you to put the effort in to whitening your skin and getting rid of the hyperpigmentation that has dulled your look. There are so many different products out there, but you will want to make sure to use Makari because of its high quality ingredients and the fact that it can truly work for you on a routine basis. Make sure that you also read all instructions that come with the product so that you know you are using it in the correct Manner and that it is going to deliver the results that you are looking to achieve. Millions of other people have had great success with the specific company and they are thrilled to tell people about it because of the fact that it really does whiten their hyperpigmentation in very little time.

Tarallucci e Vino Italian Restaurant Offers Great Food And Lovely Private Space

As a recent article reminds diners, dining in an Italian restaurant is not only tasty. It is also good for your body as well. Italian cuisine has long been popular with the public like me. One such reason is that it is based on the use of wholesome, simple dishes that are based on the freshest ingredients possible. Dining out in an Italian restaurant for me means eating cuisine that has been created from lovely ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms and basil. These are foods that are known to offer many important health benefits. A meal at any Italian restaurant is a chance to tap into ancient foods that have long been used to help us feel wonderful each day.

Dining In New York

Those of us who love eating in Italian food in New York City know just how true this is. Living in New York City can be quite hectic. Each day is filled with a lot of busy time. People rush through the day like I do. At times, all you want to do is sit back and relax. New Yorkers are gifted with so many restaurants, it can be hard to pick just one place to dine out. But so many of us also know that the key to great food that is also healthy is eating Italian food as often as possible. Italian is satisfying and delicious as well as really healthy. We are lucky to have many fine choices here in this city of ours.

Italian In Union Square

Like so many others, I work in busy Union Square. My office overlooks the park here. When I wanted to celebrate our new client, I looked around for the right space to give a party. I was happy to find it at Tarallucci e Vino. This is one of the very nicest places in the area. As a native New Yorker, I know from good Italian food. While I am not Italian, I know this the ideal cuisine to please any person. You can always find something you like on the menu. This was very much our experience at our company when we decided to hold a lovely little party for several people right here at the mezzanine. The private space was cozy and yet felt quite spacious at the same time.

A Wonderful Menu

Not only did we have elegant views and a place of our own when we had the party, we also had the opportunity to sample the food here as well. You can try all kinds of preparations including many of my favorite Italian dishes. They also have modern innovations as well with new twists on old ideas. My guests and I were very happy with the food. It was served elegantly by trained staffers, allowing us to sit back and relax during the entire party. We had a fabulous time at the party. I will definitely be right back here again when I have such an event.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is Showing People The Right Way To Do Business

As many of you know, there is a right way and a wrong way to do business. Many companies are wise and they do business the right way. They are the companies that usually have the longest staying power and make an impact in their field. Other companies, however, do business the wrong way and they are just looking to make a quick buck. If there is a model out there for how to do business the right way, it is Goettl Air Conditioning. They have been doing business the right way for over seventy years and they have earned their reputation as the best air conditioning repair company in the Arizona area.

When they are assigned to a job, they treat it with the importance that it deserves. It is not something they take lightly or something that is just a job for them. They have a great deal of passion, excitement, and joy in what they do. They know they are making an impact at their job. There are not many jobs out there that can say that, but they are one of the few that can say that and they stand behind it, one hundred and ten percent.

If someone is in need of emergency repair, they are there as quickly as possible to get the job done. If they just need routine maintenance, they are there for that as well. In case someone is still on the fence in the Arizona area about Goettl Air Conditioning, all they need to do is look up the reviews on They speak for themselves and they speak volumes about the kind of quality work they do and the kind of employees they have that are well informed and educated on everything when it comes to air conditioning. They are the best of the best.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

WEN by Chaz Results Delivers Fine Results for Fine Hair

If you weren’t born with thick, luscious locks, you may feel a tinge of jealousy as you watch commercials featuring models showing off their gorgeous manes. According to a testimonial originally reported on Bustle someone with that exact problem put Wen By Chaz cleansing conditioner to the test to see if would transform her bland strands into thicker, shinier, more beautiful versions of themselves.

WEN By Chaz: What Sets It Apart

A conditioner is a conditioner, right? Wrong. Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner is formulated to do the work of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler AND leave-in conditioner. That’s right: All of that goodness in one bottle. It is sulfate-free, so it doesn’t strip away the beneficial oils from your scalp. It gently cleanses, but its real claim to fame is that it leaves hair noticeably moister and thicker.

The Results Were Impressive

The thin-haired WEN hair by Chaz tester used the cleansing conditioner for a week, completely as directed. Each day, her hair became less greasy and softer. By day 6, she experienced relief from one of her chief hair complaints — that by the end of the day her hair was flat and had lost any semblance of an actual style. The product was clearly working!

The WEN tester concluded that her experiment with WEN cleansing conditioner was a success. It just goes to prove that with the right product, Mother Nature can be outwitted. Not all of us were born with naturally luxurious sleek, shiny hair. Thanks to WEN by Chaz, we can find out what we have been missing all these years. We, too, can experience what it’s like to turn heads for our outstanding hair! Check out QVC and for more information today!


Best Cosmetic Surgery Doctor

Striving to look younger can include numerous noninvasive procedures. These procedures include peels, Botox, skin-smoothing lasers, among other wrinkle erasers. It is common for these to be performed by plastic and cosmetic surgeons. The best way to significantly rejuvenate your body and face is to go under the knife. There is a small elite group of physicians in the United States that are all able to perform a wide variety of cosmetic surgical procedures. Currently, the top five procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, face-lifts, eyelid surgery, and nose reshaping.

One of the elite cosmetic surgeons includes Jennifer Walden. After getting trained by the best New York doctors, she has relocated to Austin, Texas. Over the years, she has made quite a name for herself and has long waiting list for numerous face and body surgeries.

Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Anderson High Shool, before earning a degree in Biology from the University of Texas. Jennifer then applied to medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After she finished her residency, she received a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Once her fellowship was up she stayed in New York for eight years and participated in research trials for silicone breast implants.

Jennifer after the birth of her twin sons, she chose to return to Austin in 2011. Back in her hometown, she started her own private practice in Westlake Hills. This practice did so well that in 2014, she opened up a satellite office in Marble Falls.

With her years of experience, Jennifer has been able to include many advanced technologies in her practices. She is best known for her use of Vectra. This is a 3D imaging technology that is able to visualize how a patient will look after they have undergone surgery. Jennifer also used ThermiVa, which is a temperature-controlled radio frequency system. This system is used for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Jennifer has also been able to develop new instruments that are used for breast surgery. These tools are carried by the Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments company.

Stay Active and Comfortable with Fabletics Active Wear

Traditionally, it has been less than acceptable to enter the workplace in casual clothing on Youtube. In recent years, though athleisure wear has become more acceptable dress at the workplace. Stretchy t-shirts, yoga pants, and sneakers are not uncommon to see in the workplace anymore.

Athleisure wear is set to become the next big thing in the fashion world. The sales of such clothing items are up 16% from the previous year. High end and low end retailers have also taken notice of the athleisure wear trend.

Well known brands like Gap, Tory Burch, LULU, and H&M are even looking to get into the action of the athleisure wear trend, along with new companies like Fabletics. Co founder of Fabletics, Adam Goldenberg, attributes the athleisure wear trend to people wanted to look fashionable, while still being comfortable. Kate Hudson is also a co founder of Fabletics. Kate Hudson and Andy Goldenberg’s investment started showing promise very early on, turning out profits in just three years. Its VIP membership program is also booming, with over a million subscribing customers.

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Fabletics is an active wear clothing company co founded by Andy Goldenberg and Kate Hudson in 2013. Though originally founded as an e-commerce operation, Fabletics is looking to expand its brick and mortar presence. The company plans to open another twelve retail locations across the U.S to add to the nine they already have. Goldenberg claims they got to 50% brand awareness by selling over 10 million items before they ever opened a store.

Fabletics offers its customers stylish, high quality clothing on par with luxury brands at an affordable price. There are not many clothing brands out there that can say the same. Something Andy Goldenberg has contributed to the company’s great success.
Just wearing their line of active wear gives customers a jolt of motivation. One of the main goals of Fabletics is to encourage people to stay active, by producing clothing that is comfortable and appropriate to workout, train, and play in. Their unique prints appeal to women of all shapes, colors, and creed.

Fabletics is looking to take the fashion world by storm and become a major competitor to other active wear brands in the industry.

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Brian Bonar Awarded By the Professional Networking Community

Brian Bonar is the current CEO and Chairperson of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was honored to be named the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive person of the Year in Finance. Appearing in this award’s registry is an honor in itself as only two females, and two males are named as executives in every discipline, each year. The committee responsible for choosing the select persons to be honored bases its decision on the professional accomplishments, leadership capabilities as well as academic achievements of the individual.

For more than 30 years, Brian Bonar has been serving in the professional management field in the financial sector. He is uniquely positioned as an overseer of all the business operations of Dalrada Corporation. For over a decade, Brian has been in the company’s administration as the CEO and chairperson. Throughout his tenure, Brian has been charged with the responsibility of aftermarket products and both the employee and employer benefits.

Dalrada Financial Corporation acts with the functions of a market liaison and supplies its wide range of clientele with a vast spectrum of employee programs. These programs are designed to improve the business efficiency of its clients. These programs include risk management insurance, employee benefits, financial management, business, and promotional services.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a prominent and successful finance executive. He currently Chairs and serves as the CEO of the Trucept, Inc., which was formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. since March 2010. He has an extensive experience in corporate leadership having held several prestigious leadership positions at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian boasts a rich technical background, which provides him with the knowledge of how to build an efficient business structure. He is a proud graduate of James Watt Technical College where he came out with a Bachelor in Technical Engineering. Brian Bonar later joined the Stanford University where Brian graduated magna cum laude with Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Brian Bonar holds a Ph.D. from the Stanford University in International Business Development Studies. His first mark in his expert career was with the IBM where Brian served as a procurement manager. He was the promoted to the position of QMS Director of Engineering where he was in charge of more than 100 employees.

According to MG2, Brian has been the Sales Manager before he started his own venture, Bezier Systems. He had worked for some other organizations before he joined Dalrada. Brian primarily specializes in mergers and acquisitions. He is well known for his unique, creative and personable approach to life. During his leisure time, Brian Bonar loves boating trips, playing golf as well as spending quality time with his family.

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Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography