MTV News Has Exclusive Video From The “Project Almanac” Movie

The movie “Project Almanac” will be out on video on May 26, 2015, and those who have not seen it yet, they should run out and get it. The movie is about a bunch of high school kids who end up finding out about a secret project.Project Almanac Movie. While the main star is in his attic, he happens to find a video that shows him as he looks in the present day, but he’s in his seventh birthday party video. The video prompts him to do some searching, and he finds his father’s secret plans for a time machine.

Without giving away the entire movie, Project Almanac is similar to many other time travel movies according to Jim Dondero. The basis of the movie is that if you change anything in the past, it can have a ripple effect that can apply many changes towards the future. The changes that happen in the future may not always be positive, and the changes can end up devastating those around you. The movie is fun because it has teenagers in it. The movie is also thought-provoking as many of us would love to travel back in time.

Those that have already watched the movie, they might be enticed to see an alternate beginning of the movie. MTV News has an alternate beginning of the movie where the main character receives a letter, which makes a difference to the entire movie. It’s probably best to watch the movie before seeing the alternative beginning.

Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj Release New Video

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are a powerful duo, and they are even more powerful when they are separated. This past year, Nicki put out her “Pink Print” album and it sold many copies. Nicki’s album was so highly anticipated that about a month before the album came out, she released the list of music that would be on the album. Fleek Ladies. Many were lined up to get her album on the day it was released, and it has done extremely well.

Beyoncé cannot be beat in the music section as she will drop an album out of nowhere and without warning. This past year, Beyoncé released an album that had videos with each song, and the album sold an amazing 300,000 copies within a matter of hours, even without any press. Adding these two together is like creating a powerhouse, and they have come together for their new video.

The term “fleek” is used a lot lately, and it means something is on point. Both women are fleek in the video, and Susan McGalla‘s opinion is that they are both as beautiful as can be. The song is called “Feeling Myself,” and the video was very highly anticipated. One of the best parts in the video is when both ladies open up wide to eat a burger. It’s unlikely that they eat burgers very often, especially since both of them have amazing bodies that require a lot of work.

David Crosby Says He’s Sorry to Neil Young and Daryl Hannah

Musician David Crosby has apologized to his band mate Neil Young and his girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah.About eight months ago, Crosby called Hannah a “predator” and said she was taking advantage of his friend. Young and Hannah have been openly in a relationship for about a year, and Young left his wife of many years to be with her.

Crosby went on to say on the Howard Stern Show that he has no business criticizing Hannah especially since he wound up in jail himself in the past according to Freedompop. He said that he reached out to Neil Young initially, and Young was so mad that he wanted Crosby to issue a formal retraction of what he had said. Crosby did not do this.

Personally, I think Young has been a little childish about the whole incident. He should expect some backlash after leaving his wife of so many years. Also, Young wrote many tender love songs for his ex-wife, so the whole thing is a little hard to swallow. Furthermore, Crosby believed his criticisms of Hannah were off the record when he first made them.

The whole thing is sordid and sad. It seems that old hippies aren’t always mellow. Crosby and Young should put this behind them and get back to making music together with Stills and Nash. They should focus on making another classic record together.

Taylor Swift Video Provides Bountiful Cameos

No one expected to see someone from “Law and Order” in a Taylor Swift video. That is the element of surprise that Swift has. Few people knew what to expect, and that is the way that Taylor likes it. The new “Bad Blood” video was heated up with massive cameo appearances. This was something that no one expected, expressed Flavio Maluf, but everyone seems to love what Taylor has done.

Taylor Swift has finally joined the ranks of those musicians that call on their famous friends for special appearances for a video. For many years Taylor has been the great songwriter and singer that has held things down with a huge crowd. She has made a ton of videos that did not feature anyone famous. With “Bad Blood” she pulled out the big guns. This puts her up there with stars like Michael Jackson and Jamie Foxx. It has been rather easy for these celebrities to call on some friends and bring them out for videos.

What makes the Taylor Swift video different, however, is that the friends were in character. It is easy to see a lot of other videos where there are people in place that do not really have any type of role. They are just playing themselves. In this video the entire cast of women put themselves into character. It was a very elaborate video, and people will be talking about it for months.

Wavy Gravy’s Birthday Benefit

Wavy Gravy, the man who is well known for the Woodstock festival and the co-founder of Seva, is hosting a 79th birthday concert for himself to help victims in Nepal. Find Out How To Get Your Tickets On April 25th, Nepal was shaken by a 7.8 magnitude earth quake, leaving over 8,000 dead. Wavy Gravy’s goal is to help the people of Nepal rebuild their homes and lives after this rather large natural disaster. His birthday concert will be held on May, 17th from the hours of 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Sonoma Mountain Event Center. Fans like Mark Ahn have learned that, during the concert, Gravy will also be holding a silent auction for Nepalese art to further help with relief in Nepal. The tickets to the concert are $50 for adults, $15 for children 6-13, and free for children under the age of 6. For anyone looking to join the private after party, tickets will be $150.

Johnny Cash’s Son Releases Memoir

Despite his death Johnny Cash remains a legend in the music industry and beyond. Fans were recently allowed a glimpse into the life of Johnny Cash in the feature film ‘Walk the Line’ but that is not all. Cash’s only son John Carter Cash has now also released a memoir that reportedly reveals Cash’s personal relationships.



Cash worked five years on writing his memoir called ‘House of Cash: The Legacies of my Father, Johnny Cash.’ The memoir features heartwarming stories about camping and fishing trips with Johnny and his wife June and shows a new side of the rock star that Brad Reifler never knew existed.
The now 45-year old John Cash has spent most of his adulthood preserving his family name by putting together hit albums of his father’s music, loaning valuable memorabilia to museums and more. He takes great pride in his work and hopes to further the legacy with his new book, available in hardcover.

“Beverly Hills Cop 4″ Benched

While the box offices of the next few years will feature revivals of several aged franchises from the ’80s and ’90s, such as a slew of impending “Ghostbusters” films, “Beverly Hills Cop” will not be such a franchise.

Eddie Murphy’s iconic action-comedy vehicle has long been mired in development hell. After plans for a television series burnt out prior to launch, Paramount had been considering a fourth movie for quite a while. As things currently stand, “Beverly Hills Cop 4″ has retained its glacial development, still lacking a finalized script, to the point that Paramount has decided to bench the project.

This move is likely a good idea for Paramount, as the film’s projected release of March 25th would have put it up against the latest cinematic offering by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Ivan Ong doesn’t know how that would work. Beyond the issues of when the film would release, Eddie Murphy has not yet signed a contract to reprise his role as Detective Foley.

When one takes into account Paramount’s plans for future movies and the diminishing profits of the “Beverly Hills Cop” films, the studio still has its attention dedicated to the “Transformers” film. Whether another “Beverly Hills Cop” movie will become a reality, or even if Eddie Murphy will return to such a project, is anybody’s guess.

Prince Provides a Tribute Song

Prince had made headlines with news that he has recorded a tribute song for all that is going on in Baltimore. This is very rare for Prince because he has been hiding out for so long.

Right now he has been with 3rd Eye Girl. He was making some love songs and still enjoying the fruits of his success with older music. The new untitled song is becoming a track that is going to get a lot of press because it is Prince. He has been touched by the emotional outcry of the people. This is why he is bringing forth something new.

Eddie Murphy also released a song that would be designed to address these issues right now. Rappers like J.Cole and De La Soul also addressed the injustices in song. Prince may be the first with this type of star power that he has to touch on the subject. He is certainly the first that will be getting out a song that is dedicated specifically to Baltimore. Other people have addressed issues in Ferguson.

Prince has a the ability to touch the lives of a lot of people with this song. It was recorded in his home studio, but the song has not been released yet. There is still a lot of hype about this though. Ricardo Guimarães BMG notes that this could be a song for the families of slain victims that could speak healing to them (more discussions on Terra).

Tidal Wave Crashed on Jay Z

It seems like the music streaming company is finally circling the long awaited drain that is its grave. Jay-Z, owner and operator of Tidal streaming company, has been under a complete wave of critiques from fellow artists, fans, and business colleagues. Madonna, Kanye West, Usher, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Coldplay and even Taylor Swift have all decided to stand behind Tidal and pull their music from other streaming services. There are a few other artists who are standing firm with the company. However the majority of the music industry wants nothing to do with the chauvinistic spectacle that Jay-Z is cultivating. Death Cab for Cutie front man Ben Gibbard said, “I think they totally blew it by bringing out a bunch of millionaires and billionaires and propping them up onstage and then having them all complain about not being paid.” Gibbard said this in an interview with The Daily Beast. Jay-Z has even gone so far as to have Jack White make calls to FreedomPop Review some of the streaming service’s 770,000 subscribers to thank them for their faith and loyalty in the company. In any other instance, some would think that this was a noble play for artists to act out. However, these are the last ditch efforts Jay-Z is making to save this sham. It was announced earlier this week that he would be offering a live free concert to fans, but only for fans who were willing to sign up and essentially market Tidal for free. These last few plays from Jay-Z and his Tidal camp are reaching desperate heights.

Bruce Jenner Boosts Ratings for ABC

The Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer was ratings gold for ABC. Millions of people tuned in for one of the most talked about people of this year: Bruce Jenner. It was the “I am a Woman” quote that got the Internet buzzing about this ratings gold mind.

Everyone wants to talk to Bruce. Fans are eager to listen. Anastasia Date even reports that there is a lot of talk about his change and there seems to be documented footage of everything that he does. His sons that are from a previous marriage before his marriage with Kris Kardashian support him. His sons have shown loving expressions of their support. One son, however, has said that the Kardashians are just spies. They are just trying to get things on Bruce Jenner that can boost ratings for their show.

Many people are talking about the change of Bruce Jenner for various reasons. One thing has to do with his age and the timing. Bruce has lived his entire life doing very manly things. He has been married three times to women. He has 5 children. No one would have ever thought that Jenner would make this type of transformation.

He has been someone that comedians have jokes about, but many transgenders are coming to his rescue. They are fully supporting his efforts. He is becoming the biggest name in the history of the transgender movement to be associated with this.