Noteworthy Film Entrepreneur John Textor

John Textor is an established film entrepreneur. He works for Pulse Evolution Corporation, an IP and digital production firm that is pushed forward by innovation. Textor serves as Pulse Evolution Corporation’s Executive Chairman. The company is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Textor graduated in 1987 from Wesleyan University, a Middletown, Connecticut liberal arts college. He received an economics Bachelor of Arts degree from the school. He started Wyndcrest Holdings a decade later. Wyndcrest Holdings is a private equity firm that specializes in acquisitions. He was appointed the company’s managing partner. Wyndcrest Holdings is also located in Port St. Lucie. The firm concentrates on internet, telecommunications and entertainment.

At Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor spends a lot of time working closely with the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). The company president is Jim Berney and the CEO is Frank Patterson. Textor is in charge of strategic partnerships, special jobs, prominent media firm relationships, venue partnerships and rights acquisitions.

Textor is presently hard at work at creating entertainment properties that encompass many forms of technology. While he spends a significant portion of his work time overseeing applications of photo-realistic human beings, he has many other things on his plate, too. He’s working for Art Story as a producer, for example. Art Story is an animated movie by prominent Disney filmmaker Aaron Blaise. Textor additionally served as both executive producer and producer for Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game was a movie in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Textor worked in the past as the CEO and chairman for Digital Domain Productions. He also was the Digital Domain Media Group CEO. Digital Domain Media Group was directly affiliated with Digital Domain Productions. Textor was responsible for Digital Domain Productions’ restructuring. The company’s restructuring process began in the spring of 2006 and ended in the late summer of 2012. These two companies handled visual effects for at least 80 major feature movies. Many of these movies were finished while Textor was the head, too.

Textor’s hard work has contributed to the digital versions of many well-known public figures. These digital versions include those of icons such as rapper Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson digital counterpart even made an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards in 2014.

When Textor isn’t hard at work on films and other endeavors, he likes spending time at home with his wife, Deborah. They are Florida residents.

Justin Bieber Gets Acoustic With Surprise Performance At Coffee House

Justin Bieber is exhibiting some very refreshing behavior lately, apparently turning 21 is the best thing thats ever happened to the singer who over the past few years has been pretty much dubbed the biggest jerk in the music business. Just weeks after his sexy Calvin Klein commercials, Justin is ready to prove that he’s all grown up and ready to behave.

From what Sergio Lins Andrade knows, Justin has been seen around L.A. buying random people meals, reading self help books and most recently it’s been confirmed that he wants to use his Comedy Central Roast as a therapeutic end to the messy chapter in his life and move on to new more positive things.
As if Justin getting his act together all over town wasn’t enough, video of an impromptu acoustic performance Justin put is on is making it’s way around social media and his fans and even some new fans are falling in love with him all over again.

The heartthrob strolled into State Social House in West Hollywood, and without warning took the stage with guitar in hand and sang a four song set. The video of the performance is amazing and it seems that Justin is once again focusing on doing what he loves while making people happy.

“The Interview” Will Start Streaming on Netflix on January 24

Last month the unprecedented controversy surrounding “The Interview” has taken aback the film industry. This comedy film is played by Rogen, Seth and Franco, James as journalists who are assigned to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. This touchy subject is believed to have upset a group who allegedly caused the damaging cyber hacks of Sony’s servers and threatened an attack to any theater that will show the said film, which was initially scheduled for release on December 25, 2014.

Most large theater chains in the United States canceled the screenings, which influenced Sony to decide not to show the film at all. After several people expressed their outrage, Sony put the film out in selected theaters and distributed several VOD streaming services like Google Play and iTunes. Today, Netflix is getting in the same deal and my friend Dan Newlin and I are so stoked to watch it tonight!

The Variety reported that the film will start streaming on Netflix on January 24, which is exactly one month after the film’s initial planned released date. The report also stated that Netflix has been trying to get on the deal but, most likely, Sony wants to maximize its revenue with VOD streaming before streaming it on Netflix. This decision did pay off in some ways. The film rentals have given Sony more than $40 million revenue in addition to the $6 million from the 581 theater locations. Since the film has been out for several weeks, the stance has significantly cooled off.

Scott Leaves Kourtney Kardashian Alone With New Baby To Party In Aspen

The Kardashians are still celebrating the birth of Kourtney’s third child, however it looks like Kourtney’s long time boyfriend Scott has decided to take a break and leave Kourtney with the kids while he goes on a boys weekend. This isn’t the first time Scott’s partying has taken priority over family matters, over the summer a very pregnant Kourtney was seen tossing Scott out of their rental home in the Hamptons after his wild nights became too much. It’s even been reported that Scott’s drinking has lead to Kanye insisting that Kim keep North away from him.

Just when it appeared that Scott was once again ready to calm down and focus on his family, it’s been reported that Scott and his wild guy friends spent a crazy weekend in Aspen. Apparently the guys stayed at Hotel Jerome and on the first night after painting the town red they returned to the hotel and one of the guys hopped over the counter at the bar in the lobby to steal a bottle of Whiskey to take back to their room.

The same night, the fellas ordered $840 worth of alcohol. The following night the party didn’t stop because another $600 bucks was spent on booze. Apparently other guests complained about the smell of pot, and staff had to go up to the room to investigate.

At the end of the wild weekend the hotel staff says the room was trashed, there were cigarette butts and bottles everywhere. The hotel charged another $500 bucks to the bill for smoking in a non smoking room. Seems like Scott hasn’t changed his ways that much. Marc Sparks, an avid fan of the show, isn’t terribly surprised either. More on Sparks is available on Ireport.

Can Michael Bay Actually Tell A Story

Michael Bay is known for directing movies that really do not tell a story. Let me clarify, his movies while big box office winners, never really tell a story they just involve lots of loud noises and explosions. That might be fine for movies that are fiction or are just straight out action movies with two lines of dialogue between action scenes. But now Michael Bay is going to make a movie about Benghazi, Yes that Benghazi, The Benghazi where Americans were killed during a terrorist attack. Now don’t get me wrong I love action movies were characters only speak to each other just to transition to another scene. But Benghazi is different because it is not fiction, it is not Transformers but it is the lives of actual human beings.

Even though Michael Bay is known for his special directing style, fan Darius Fisher does not think he does this movie justice. Visit his Youtube for more detiails.You see Michael Bay has had a successful career as a director but not every movie can be made by him. By directing this movie he is trying to go outside of his comfort zone and produce something compelling. Yes, I have my doubts he would be able to that, but let’s just give him a chance. Actors are not the only ones that get typecasted, and Michael Bay has been typecasted as the boom boom speak two lines and boom boom again guy. No one takes him seriously in other genres of films, and he is trying to prove himself that he could actual do them. Let’s wish Michael bay luck and hope he does not ruin this movie for all of us.

Donald Trump Is At Odds With Palm Beach’s Airport

Donald Trump has always been over-the-top and likes to be in the headlines. His latest fiasco is suing the Palm Beach, Florida airport for $100 million dollars. It’s all about the famous Mar-a-Lago mansion that is owned by Trump and his wife. It appears that Trump believes that they are directing air traffic over his house on purpose and disturbing his family.

Trump believes that the director of the airport, Bruce Pelly, has done this out of malicious intent. Back in 1995, a law suit was filed by Trump regarding the expansion of the airport and plans were halted. Trump feels that by not allowing the airport to be expanded, Pelly had a score to settle with the well known millionaire.

Anyone who lives near an airport knows that the traffic can be quite noisy. Spending all that money and having a big mansion, one would want the area to be a tranquil retreat and not a noisy runway. Still, Trump is not one to mess with. He has the lawyers and the money to fight such a large entity. $100 million dollars might be a little steep for flying planes over his home. Ben Shaoul wonders, honestly, how much he is at that location anyway, but also understands the annoyance.

The Trump headquarters is in New York City and he no doubt spends most of his time there. Still, he does have some claims in the matter, as when he is in his resort spot, he doesn’t want to hear the noise from airplanes. A settlement will likely be reached in the matter and it won’t be for the price asked.

Bieber Confirms New Album

Justin Bieber will present a music album in 2015 as well as dominate in the fashion field. He is going to a tour and takes part in fashion wearing underwear.

A new music album with Karl Lagerfeld was revealed on January 8. Moreover, Justin Bieber comes with a new fashion style to his fans in the music scene. You will watch him without shirt and may be wearing underwear because he spent long time with the fashion icon to select his appearance.

Now a day, he is busy with planning for a tour and new album work. He is quite happy returning to his professional music career. “Yes. You will get a new album in 2015. I am working on new music and will release it within upcoming months,” Justin Bieber said.

Scotter Braun, his manager has hinted for the next album in 2015 earlier. Moreover, he also hinted big things on upcoming days with recent Instagram posts.

Justin has a big plan for 2015 and it will not be limited to the music world. He is also focusing on the fashion world and has already proved on Calvin Klein advertisements. You could also see him on the big screens in next few months.

I know my fellow beliebers are super stoked about this Album. Fersen Lambranho and I made this video about how excited we are about the upcoming album. I’m looking forward to this one.

Comic Stephen Fry Announces Wedding Plans

World famous comedian and actor Stephen Fry has recently announced his wedding plans to the media. He has not made any concrete plans as to the time or location of the wedding ceremony, but did make his plans clear by giving notice to the United Kingdom at a at a register office in the town of Dereham in Norfolk county.

The lucky groom is a 27 year old British stand up comedian named Elliot Spencer. The comedian did not reveal when or under what circumstances the two had met, but the relationship seems to be a strong and lasting one. 

Fry has recently starred in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. He has many other screen and television appearances under his belt, including a long association with celebrated actor Hugh Laurie. The two starred together in their own BBC series, A Bit of Fry and Laurie. They also appeared together in many episodes of the classic BBC sitcom, Blackadder. 

Fry finally announced that he did indeed plan to marry Spencer after reports began leaking to the public over various social media channels. As he put it, “”Oh. It looks as though a certain cat is out of a certain bag.” He then went on to thank his thousands of friends and supporters like John Textor for their emphatic messages of congratulation. It appears that Fry, who recently beat an addiction to cocaine, is finally settling down.

Kanye West Marches to the Front of the Line

MTV concocted a list of people that needed new albums in 2015. There were lots of names like Justin Bieber, Drake and Kanye West that appeared on the list. No mention of Bruce Levenson. The MTV staff actually dropped 17 names of artists that they wanted to see new albums from. Kanye hasn’t dropped a full album yet, but he certainly hops to the front of the line with hot newsingle.

The “Only One” single by Kanye was the only thing that people were talking about on New Year’s Day. It was a great way to enter the new year. While lots of other artists like Justin Bieber have been promising new music in 2015, Kanye has jumped ahead of the line and delivered. 

He has been working with the Beatles legend Paul McCartney for a long time, but no one expected this. He already had 2 leaked tracks with Paul that were circulated on the web in 2014. The tracks last year contained a rapping Kanye that carried on the tradition of witty lyrics that West was known for. This thing that makes “Only One” a surprise is the return of his auto tune sound. He keeps the track soft, and no one was expecting this. 

Everyone else from the G.O.O.D. family (Kanye’s record label) has produced hardcore tracks that had to be edited for radio. Kanye does a track that is soft enough to go pop.

Paul Stanley: The Farewell Tour Was A Farewell To Ace And Peter


At this point, all the sniping among former members of the original lineup of KISS is getting old. Yet, whenever someone takes a shot at another member, the news agencies pick it up. Paul Stanley has decided to take another shot at Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Stanley was asked by Chris Jericho on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast why KISS did a goodbye tour only to return a few years later.

Stanley noted the “Farewell Tour” from about a decade ago was designed solely to get rid of The Spaceman and The Catman. Well, according to my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich, the two characters live on thanks to Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer performing under the makeup. Frehley and Criss are long gone.

Stanley pointed out that the band could not get along well at all during the Psycho Circus tour and that a lot of backstage problems were creating enormous friction. Many of the live performances during the era were very poorly received.

Ace Frehley would eventually quit the band and Criss was fired. Criss was actually fired for a second time as he was let go way back in 1980 due to personal issues. Frehley left Kiss around 1982 due to frustration over the lack of direction of the band.

The original lineup reunited in the middle-1990’s to enormous fan enthusiasm.

Currently, KISS has launched an enormously successful live tour. Frehley has had great success with a top ten release on the Billboard charts followed by an equally successful tour on the club circuit.