Torrent Users More Likely To Purchase Content Than Non-Torrent Users

Every month, approximately 150-170 million files are shared amongst internet users who are using the BitTorrent protocol. As a result of this fact, many copyright infringement advocates, believe that torrent users are technically freeloaders who harm the media industry and represent a large percentage of the people who perpetrate online piracy. But based on the data that was collected by BitTorrent Inc, this may actually be far from the truth.

During their study, they found that BitTorrent users were 170% more likely to pay for digital music and 8 times more likely to purchase a music streaming account than people who do not use torrents.What’s even more interesting about the study is that 45% of the individuals that were surveyed proclaimed that they purchased CDs in thee past 12 months. And 10% of the users reported that they purchased a vinyl record in the past 12 months as well.

As far as movies goes, the study found that 47% of the respondents purchased a movie ticket and 38% purchased a DVD/Blu-ray disc in the last 12 months. They also found that approximately 52% of the respondents actually purchase movies on a monthly basis and had an average annual spending amount of $54.

This news was a bit of an eye opener for Susan McGalla, because she didn’t think it was true. What this demonstrates is that, contrary to popular belief, torrent users are not just a pack of content consuming vultures but rather good hearted consumers of content who have no problem rewarding artists and movie studios for their work.

Hunter Hayes Does Not Want to Get “Comfortable” With a Show’s Routine

“I firmly believe that if you’re lucky enough to step onstage in an arena and your name is on the sign, you owe the fans more than just a good set list and a couple of lighting cues. “They deserve months and months of planning. They deserve sleepless nights. They deserve you going to bed every night trying to figure out how to improve the tour,” says singer-guitarist Hunter Hayes about his continuous development of a better show.

Despite his big following, Hayes is not about to get too comfortable with his stage performance, and even makes adjustments to his show while on tour. Zeca Oliveira feels Hayes is a very hands-on performer, and met with his production team to make the necessary changes according to his vision, whether the changes needed were lighting-related or something that his band needed to improve upon.

The high-energy performer was already brainstorming ways to improve the show upon kicking off his Tattoo Your Name tour this month. According to him, the changes he has made while on tour are working much better.

Country Music Star Ty Herndon is a “Happy Gay Man”

Country music star, Ty Herndon, has had his ups and downs in the music industry. After numerous hit records, and an equal amount of flops, he has shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with his fans. But, there was one part of his life that he kept to himself for fear of being ostracized and losing his career. Now, after finding the strength from within to finally be proud of who he is, Herndon has announced that he is living happily as a gay man.

The “What Mattered Most” singer says he went to “great lengths” to cover up his sexuality in the past in order to be a country music sensation. The twice married, 52-year-old crooner says that both of his ex-wives knew he was gay, and they accepted him for who he was. Some like Mark Ahn wondered why he kept it a secret for so long. His family has also been well-aware of his sexuality for the past two decades, but he just recently decided to share his secret with the world. Herndon is hoping that by being courageous and telling his story, he will help gay youth that are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

Herndon’s life is finally coming full circle. After his two divorces, drug abuse, and arrest, he is finally enjoying sobriety. Herndon can’t wait to share his new music, and the love of his life, with the world. He has been with his partner for six years, and the couple will make their first televised appearance together on the November 20th episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Country Star Comes out as Gay

Country singer, Ty Henderson has been in the music industry for nearly two decades. After that long in the music industry, Ty Henderson has decided to come out and tell his fans the truth about being gay. He finally spoke out on it and said, “I have an awesome relationship that I’ve been in for a good number of years. I love him very much and he loves me.”

Henderson has already been married twice before, and both of his ex-wives know about his sexuality. He stated that he had went through great links to try and cover up the fact that he is gay. It was hindering him to keep it hidden for so long, but Henderson didn’t want it to get in the way of his Country music career. He hopes that Nashville will keep changing as it already has, and he hopes they will be more accepting of LGBT, according to Terry Richardson.

Henderson also stated that he would one day like to be married, and have children. He felt really relived that he had finally come out and told his fans the truth. He even stated, “It gives me a lot of hope that that Nashville is ready for this. I get to be free today. I’m born again today, and I feel like I’m not gonna have any trouble sleeping tonight.”

Charles Manson’s Getting Married!

Winter weddings are usually blissful occasions that are joyous and exiting. Well, normally that is the case, but when it is Charles Manson applying for a wedding license, it’s a whole other matter. The mass murderer has applied for the rights to marry a 26 year old female that comes and visits him in the prison.

Afton Elaine Burton is the lucky bride to be, and she has created several websites supporting his innocence. They have 90 days to marry or the license will expire. Burton lived in the Midwestern part of the US, but she relocated to the town where the prison is, Corcoran, California.

Burton gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine about a year ago. She told them how much she was in love with him and their intentions to marry. When interviewing Manson, he didn’t own up to any wedding or relationship with the lady he calls “Star.”

The wedding coordinator at the prison confirmed that the license had been delivered. She also stated that since Manson is a lifetime prisoner who doesn’t get conjugal visits, she didn’t understand the benefit of marriage. Burton says that by marrying Manson, she has rights to information that she wouldn’t have without being a relative. She adamantly fights for his freedom and insists that he should be a free man.

Rewinding back to 1969 when Manson killed Sharon Tate, her unborn child and four other people on her property. Perhaps Burton should review some of the evidence collecting against this man before making a lifetime commitment.

Thanks to our American friend Kenneth Griffin for sending this story from across the pond.

The Return of Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is back on the comedy scene. He left his top rated show almost 10 years ago on Comedy Central back in 2005 and finally reemerge to entertain the public. has an interview with Chappelle.

With his comeback, Dave Chappelle has had sold out shows within hours at Radio City in New York during the summer. Audiences left smiling and getting their money worth after seeing his comedy show if the comments on Skout are any indication.

Many fans would like to know – what happened? While Chappelle took a step back from his top show and the comedy world, he’s living on a farm in Ohio for a few years. During the time he spent in the farm life, his DVD of his show had the most sales in a TV series. He mainly stayed away from the media eye and kept busy by doing impromptus in small comedy clubs. Welcome back Dave. The fans really missed you.

Plastic Free Concerts Will Help Clean Up the World

The invention of the plastic bottle was indeed a great idea, with one huge unforeseen drawback. What to do with the millions of pounds of trash created from the plastic containers that we use everyday. This issue struck a note with Dianna Cohen. Her mission is to clean up as much of this unnecessary plastic pollution as possible, with a little help from Tom Rothman and some of her other music industry friends.

Dianna is an artist, environmental activist, and co-founder of the “Plastic Pollution Coalition“, according to Businessweek. The focus of this group is to find ways to decrease or eliminate the need for single serving plastic containers. By calling on the aid of members of the music industry, she has been able to make considerable strides to reaching her goals.

She has enlisted some huge names in the music industry such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jackson Browne, and Ben Harper. Bonnaroo was also a participant in this world changing concept. The project is appropriately named “Plastic Free Touring,” which is part of her larger project “Plastic Free Living initiative.”

The idea is to replace the single serve plastic containers used for water, soda, beer, and other refreshments. These one-time use vessels are replaced with a stainless-steel container that can be re-filled. The Bonnaroo performance sold out of the 7,500 reusable bottles that they had for sale. Each person who purchased one of these reusable bottles received $1.00 off refills.

Usher’s “Clueless” Now Available Without the Cheerios

Usher fans who don’t like to eat Cheerios can now heave a sigh of relief, as the singer’s latest single “Clueless” is now available online. Apparently Usher is looking to find the best songs for the album, so “Clueless” is not slated to be on his upcoming album ‘UR.’ But fans could download the song with a special code found within specially marked boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, which Igor Cornelsen said were only available at Walmart. A week after this promotion started, the song was placed online.

Fans can currently catch Usher on tour supporting his upcoming album. The UR Experience Tour started back on November 1st and runs through mid-December, at arenas across North America. August Alsina is the opening act.

As for when ‘UR’ is due to be released, no one really knows for sure. Usher said he wants to work on it some more, to make it absolutely perfect. It was originally slated to be released by the end of 2014. All we do know for sure is that it includes collaborations with the likes of Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Pharrell Williams, Skrillex, and more.

Kevin Hart Shuns Traffic Laws in Celebration

The world of contemporary music is getting wilder by the day, most glaringly obviously in the pop and rap music arenas. The celebrities in these music genre are very ecstatic, and in most cases euphoric.

It is of no small importance that they feed on the attention that their rough and rowdy reputation gets them. The best way to understand this is to follow the stars.

Nicki Minaj has released her single “Only”, and features rappers Lil’ Wayne and Drake. The trio and song is quite a match up, which I’ve enjoyed in the spotlight mostly with The Antique Wine Company accompanying me.

So famous is the song that the famous Kevin Hart was caught in a dilemma as whether to drive to his destination or dance to the song. He chose both.

Kevin took a video while driving to indulge his fans in his happy moments. He probably wanted to lure his fans in preparation of the EMA Awards. The concern here is mutual. The message is that, enjoy yourself while it lasts. One wonders whether he broke the traffic rules or not. By now we know he is safe, but it begs some questions.

It is a picture his friends will like, and more so on Instagram, where after liking Kevin Hart’s photo, Nicki Minaj went on to flaunt her attire. She also took photos to depict her role in the EMA Awards. The event is scheduled to be on December 15th.

Simpsons Co-Creator Donates $100 Million for Charity

Sam Simon, who is primarily known as the co-creator of the Simpsons cartoon, is now living out his final days. He is currently struggling with 4th stage colon cancer, and has been given precious little time.

He has shown considerable bravery in these trying times, however, as he is never scared or worried about death. This is despite being given only 3 to 6 months to live, and with a very limited amount of options given.

Even in these last days, he still remains a young animal lover and children lover. He has donated his fortune of $100 million to several charities for animals and children.

He is trying to make the best use of every last cent of his earning for the sake of children and animals.

Sam Simon says that as soon as he was diagnosed this deadly disease he started planning about his fortune. Both Sam Tabar and I think this is a great way to “pay it forward.” In spite of having two wives and other family members to take care of, he says that they are all well settled and they don’t need this money.

He is spending his last days with these cute little animals. He feels that cancer is a very deadly disease, and that it is really hard to fight against it, but he is still fighting very hard for the welfare of animals.

His funds for PETA have helped any animals which were mistreated.