Great Social Networking/Dating App – Skout

Skout is a social network and dating app that has millions of members all over the world. It is the biggest network for meeting new people and is owned by a company also named Skout. So many websites and apps limit people from talking internationally but no matter where someone is, they can network socially through Skout. Since 2007, Skout has been connecting new relationships, whether friendly or romantic.

Meeting new people can be a stressful activity and not everyone is cut out for it but Skout allows people to indirectly meet all around the world. If one shakes their mobile device, Skout starts a random chat with someone somewhere in the world. This is a great way to get out of the comfort zone and meet new people. Want to travel but can’t for some reason? Skout has a virtual traveling feature that lets you travel anywhere in the world. Skout also has a section called Feature Me. This lets people feature themselves to their entire community. One of the greatest aspects of Skout is that it lets the users exchange pictures to one another. This is a fun way to get to know someone without the pressure of meeting them directly.

The members’ profile will include basic information including whether they are interested in men or women. This will filter the suggested people that will be displayed. It will also be narrowed down by the other information that is on a member’s profile. Skout completely personalizes the dating and social networking experience.

The main screen that is displayed on Skout shows a grid of people that are currently online. If the person is clicked on, their profile pops up and a user can view their basic information and make a decision of whether or not they would like to chat with that person, wink at that person, send them a virtual gift, receive a note when that person goes online next, add them to favorites, block them or report them. The profile shows their last posts and how many points that they have. One can also comment and like their last posts.

Skout is a high quality app and is a great way to connect new people. Skout makes the first meeting a breeze and relieves all of that unnecessary pressure. People can get to know someone before they jump into any sort of relationship because everyone knows that relationships can be scary. After Skout, its all up to the members from there.

Investments and Security with BRL Trust

Experienced Investment Services

BRL Trust has been providing exceptional services since it was founded in 2005. This is the biggest independent administrator in Brazil of the investment funds. The trust services are provided in private loans. The first year this company had more that 100 loans in which the Trust did act as interceding Trust. The confidence has grown continuously in these professionals that are highly qualified and offer their experience through their activities and services.

Serving Individuals and Clients
BRL Trust has operations in 5 business areas. The investments are guided by the following:
*Serving both individuals and institutional

Innovative Services
These innovative services will ensure the credibility required by investors. This will also provide the needed safety as well.

Fund Management
BRL Trust has been involved in structured and innovative transactions. The Securities Commission has authorized them to act as manager of investments. BRL Trust has the mission to meet all the demands of the customers. The demands are met in a very efficient, transparent, and highly secure manner.

A Respect for the National Legal System
BRL Trust does keep the national legal system as a top priority. This company is a trustworthy business that can offer their knowledge along with their high ethical standards.

The Management of Assets
BRL Trust has customers in the global market and local. They are proud to act in the management funds. They continually offer solutions. They definitely ensure that they meet the needs of their investors.

Underwriting Services
The underwriting service is available to raise funds for a person or company, specified in Brazil or another country. This is provided to raise funds for structured deals such as real estate receivables, agribusiness receivables or debentures. This is in regards to investments funds quotas.

Visit Their Website
If you are interested in obtaining more information on BRL Trust, it would be a good idea to browse through their website. You can find much more valuable information along with the detailed services that they provide to their valued clients.

Kanye Opens Up on Morning Show

Mr. West has never been one to shy away from a microphone. He has always spoke his mind as bizjournals has reported.  According to Marc Sparks, West was no different in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club morning show. The hosts on this show asked Kanye many questions, and he made a statement on just about everything that they asked him.

West had a lot to say about how he was coming to the defense of Beyonce once again for an award that he felt like she deserved. People may have been surprised to hear him say some of the stuff that he said, but he had a lot of valid points. He actually said that Beck should be thankful that he said that Beyonce’s album was the true album of the year. West believed that he actually forced more people to go out and listen to the album that Beck created. This media frenzy is something that has typically become something that West is known for.

Several years ago he interrupted the speech by Taylor Swift during the MTV Music Awards. He said that Beyonce had the better video. Many people probably agreed, but it made Taylor Swift the underdog. People supported her for this reason. West said he spoke candidly with Taylor Swift and she said that she won every award when she was the underdog. Now that she is a huge success she gets overlooked by award shows.

Mannequin at Whistles in London Causes a Stir


A mannequin at Whistles, a store in London, has certainly caused a stir. The mannequin, which resides in the window of the upscale London retailer is shockingly thin, even by mannequin standards. A protruding breast bone, concave neck, and thin arms are staples of the new window accessories, and it has women and eating disorder charities up in arms.

According to CEO of SEED, an eating disorder charity, the image bestows an unhealthy body image on women, especially young women who aspire to look like the models and mannequins wearing the clothing they desire.

Last year, Top Shop, another London-based retailer, was critcized for their mannequins when a twitter photo went viral. The photo showed a young woman of average size standing next to the sickly thin mannequin. Comparing the legs of both was shocking, and many took to the internet to admonish Top Shop for projecting the unrealistic image to the woman that shop in the stores.

For decades, psychologists and eating disorder experts have argued that the media and the fashion world have contributed to the rise of eating disorders with unrealistic body image expectations for women. Ray Lane comments that essentially, the thinner models get the more young girls aspire to be like them, regardless of how realistic or unrealistic the image is.

Neither store has chosen to comment about their mannequin choices or how they believe it effects the shoppers within their target demographic.

Was There Supposed To Be A New Wolverine In Days Of Future Past?


X-Men: Days of Future Past was a deserved critical and commercial success. The return of several actors from the original films in the series helped boost the feature at the box office. Certainly, the presence of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine helped draw in crowds. Jackman most definitely does not sleepwalk through his role. He brings a lot of enthusiasm to the character of Wolverine and it would be extremely difficult to imagine anyone else in playing the character.

Yet, recasting Wolverine was something seriously thought about. Actually, Jackman would play the older version of Wolverine and someone else would be featured as the character during the 1973 sequences.

As Brad Reifler and everyone else knows, Jackman did end up playing Wolverine in the film and there’s talk of a possible Wikipedia article. He is also playing the character in the upcoming Wolverine 3 and, possibly, we might see him make a cameo in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. (Wolverine is not part of the MCU since the rights are currently held by 20th Century Fox) Jackman is not interested in leaving the role behind. Any attempts to recast him, honestly, could garner a backlash. Maybe that is why the folks at Fox opted to keep him in the role.

In the future, we are surely going to see a new actor in the role of Wolverine. Jackman cannot continue in the role forever. When he makes the decision to leave, so bet it. Seeing him forced out, however, would be a horrible scenario.

Beck Wins Grammy Album of the Year, Kayne Not Impressed


In a surprise at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, electro-rock journeyman Beck, relevant in American popular music for more than 25 years, took home the top prize of Album of the Year for his record Morning Phase. The notoriously private Beck was gracious in accepting the award, but looked stunned when hip hop impresario Kayne West briefly stormed the stage during his award presentation to highlight an opinion that the award should have gone to Beyonce instead.

West made headlines in 2009 when he angrily took the stage to interrupt pop darling Taylor Swift during her MTV VMA award acceptance speech. This time, Kayne appeared to be having a little fun, not going so far as to try to snatch Beck’s award out of his hand, but instead making a kidding gesture before turning around to go back to his seat said Susan McGalla.

Still, Kayne had plenty to say in an interview with E! following the show. Taking on Beck, Grammy judges and the relevancy of the award show itself, he elaborated that the rock singer “needs to respect artistry” and “should have given his award to Beyonce.” West’s wife Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe also weighed in after the show, subtly trashing Beck by posting their shocked faces at the moment when he took home the award to social media accounts.

For Beck’s part, he was not about to take the disrespect lying down. Comments to media joked that he was excited to see Kayne coming up toward the stage: “How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

Top Super Bowl Commercials


The popular site Buzzfeed has uploaded their pick for the most popular Super Bowl commercials, including videos to each one. There were several memorable ones this year. Let us take a look with Buzzfeed at some of them.

One of my favorite commercials this year came from Always. Their #likeagirl campaign spoke to me and I’m sure to many others. Their point came across that girls should not be stereotyped but instead celebrated and allowed to do things the best they can, not “like a girl”. This commercial was powerful and really moved my friend Sultan Alhokair.

The NFL put out a powerful campaign as well called “No More”. The “No More” campaign centers around domestic violence and the victims. We can work together to help domestic violence victims and to hopefully end the cycle. This ad comes as no surprise considering the amount of domestic violence the NFL has seen the past year from their players alone.

Hands down, for me, Esurance had the best commercial. Esurance featured Breaking Bad’s Walter White as a pharmacist (sort of) assisting a customer. Any fan of Breaking Bad were probably delighted to see Bryan Cranston sort of reprise his iconic role of Walter White. But like the commercial pointed out, sort of does not always cut it.

One of the most controversial commercials this year came from Nationwide Insurance featuring a boy talking about all the things he won’t get to do in life because he died in a preventable accident. Yikes!

Noteworthy Film Entrepreneur John Textor

John Textor is an established film entrepreneur. He works for Pulse Evolution Corporation, an IP and digital production firm that is pushed forward by innovation. Textor serves as Pulse Evolution Corporation’s Executive Chairman. The company is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Textor graduated in 1987 from Wesleyan University, a Middletown, Connecticut liberal arts college. He received an economics Bachelor of Arts degree from the school. He started Wyndcrest Holdings a decade later. Wyndcrest Holdings is a private equity firm that specializes in acquisitions. He was appointed the company’s managing partner. Wyndcrest Holdings is also located in Port St. Lucie. The firm concentrates on internet, telecommunications and entertainment.

At Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor spends a lot of time working closely with the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). The company president is Jim Berney and the CEO is Frank Patterson. Textor is in charge of strategic partnerships, special jobs, prominent media firm relationships, venue partnerships and rights acquisitions.

Textor is presently hard at work at creating entertainment properties that encompass many forms of technology. While he spends a significant portion of his work time overseeing applications of photo-realistic human beings, he has many other things on his plate, too. He’s working for Art Story as a producer, for example. Art Story is an animated movie by prominent Disney filmmaker Aaron Blaise. Textor additionally served as both executive producer and producer for Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game was a movie in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Textor worked in the past as the CEO and chairman for Digital Domain Productions. He also was the Digital Domain Media Group CEO. Digital Domain Media Group was directly affiliated with Digital Domain Productions. Textor was responsible for Digital Domain Productions’ restructuring. The company’s restructuring process began in the spring of 2006 and ended in the late summer of 2012. These two companies handled visual effects for at least 80 major feature movies. Many of these movies were finished while Textor was the head, too.

Textor’s hard work has contributed to the digital versions of many well-known public figures. These digital versions include those of icons such as rapper Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson digital counterpart even made an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards in 2014.

When Textor isn’t hard at work on films and other endeavors, he likes spending time at home with his wife, Deborah. They are Florida residents.

Justin Bieber Gets Acoustic With Surprise Performance At Coffee House

Justin Bieber is exhibiting some very refreshing behavior lately, apparently turning 21 is the best thing thats ever happened to the singer who over the past few years has been pretty much dubbed the biggest jerk in the music business. Just weeks after his sexy Calvin Klein commercials, Justin is ready to prove that he’s all grown up and ready to behave.

From what Sergio Lins Andrade knows, Justin has been seen around L.A. buying random people meals, reading self help books and most recently it’s been confirmed that he wants to use his Comedy Central Roast as a therapeutic end to the messy chapter in his life and move on to new more positive things.
As if Justin getting his act together all over town wasn’t enough, video of an impromptu acoustic performance Justin put is on is making it’s way around social media and his fans and even some new fans are falling in love with him all over again.

The heartthrob strolled into State Social House in West Hollywood, and without warning took the stage with guitar in hand and sang a four song set. The video of the performance is amazing and it seems that Justin is once again focusing on doing what he loves while making people happy.

“The Interview” Will Start Streaming on Netflix on January 24

Last month the unprecedented controversy surrounding “The Interview” has taken aback the film industry. This comedy film is played by Rogen, Seth and Franco, James as journalists who are assigned to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. This touchy subject is believed to have upset a group who allegedly caused the damaging cyber hacks of Sony’s servers and threatened an attack to any theater that will show the said film, which was initially scheduled for release on December 25, 2014.

Most large theater chains in the United States canceled the screenings, which influenced Sony to decide not to show the film at all. After several people expressed their outrage, Sony put the film out in selected theaters and distributed several VOD streaming services like Google Play and iTunes. Today, Netflix is getting in the same deal and my friend Dan Newlin and I are so stoked to watch it tonight!

The Variety reported that the film will start streaming on Netflix on January 24, which is exactly one month after the film’s initial planned released date. The report also stated that Netflix has been trying to get on the deal but, most likely, Sony wants to maximize its revenue with VOD streaming before streaming it on Netflix. This decision did pay off in some ways. The film rentals have given Sony more than $40 million revenue in addition to the $6 million from the 581 theater locations. Since the film has been out for several weeks, the stance has significantly cooled off.