Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Released!!!

Originally, Marvel announced that we would have to wait until next week’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to see the first trailer for Avengers 2. But apparently they’ve changed their minds, because the trailer went live yesterday. So make sure you check it out. Jared Haftel was going nuts yesterday, so I had to make sure and post this today.

Also, love Marvel’s tweet in response to releasing the trailer early:

A Short Horror Film That’s Guaranteed To Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

In the spirit of Halloween, which is already next week by the way, we’ve found a great short horror film that you absolutely have to watch. Made the mistake of watching this on FreedomPop while I was on the bus….almost dropped my phone in horror haha.

So enjoy Cynthia!

Michael Myers is Getting Another Halloween Sequel

Well, if you’re not sick of Michael Myers yet, you may yet have your opportunity. Producer Malek Akkad has revealed that there will be another Halloween sequel.

However, it’s not clear which continuity the sequel will follow. Whether it will take place in Rob Zombie’s reboot universe, or if they will forget the rebooted franchise, and attempt to go back to the original continuity.

Of course, the big horror fans like Alexei Beltyukov would have been all about this 15 years ago. But now that H20 and Rob Zombie have both ruined the continuity of their respective universes, there’s not a whole lot to work with here.

So no matter the form of Micheal’s return, it’s probably going to be pretty lackluster, unless they attempt another complete reboot. Which of course won’t go over well, because too little time has passed since the last attempt.

Guardians of the Galaxy is Now Marvel’s 3rd Highest Grossing Film

With a slate of 10 DC Comics movies on the horizon, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in full swing, many were wondering if there was any genre slowdown waiting to take effect. Usually, fatigue kicks in at this point with any given medium. But so far, that doesn’t look to the case when it comes to comic books.

Marvel’s latest effort, Guardians of the Galaxy has just become their third highest grossing film of all time. Only falling behind The Avengers, and Iron Man 3 respectively.

A massive surprise, considering all of the characters were relatively unknown in the Marvel canon, and were only popular amongst the most hardcore comic fans. Marvel’s ability to take a relatively unknown team and turn them into a giant film franchise is a credit to their extreme cinematic momentum.

I was pretty skeptical until I went to the theater with Marnie Bennett. We gave this a shot, and ended up pleasantly surprised I have to say.

Interested to see if the rumors about Iron Man appearing in GotG 2 or 3 turn out to be true. Also interested to see where the arc with Thanos goes, in setting up Avengers 3.