Did You Lose a Prosthetic Leg? A Glimpse Inside the London’s Lost Property Vault

Like commuters everywhere, people in London often leave things behind. The Lost Property Vault located in a three-storey building next to Baker Street station collected over 302,714 items in 2015, according to Sky News. Of those items, almost 22 percent of the items are returned to their owners often after staff from the Transport of London spend hours searching for the rightful owner. Bloomberg decided to explore this phenomenon a little more, and found that Jon Urbana says the majority of the items are mundane like books and umbrellas, but the facilities managers say that they have had some unusual items turned into the facility.

According to the Irish Examiner, one of the oddest items ever turned in was the urn of ashes containing the body of Thomas Frederick Johnston. Despite numerous attempts to find the family, the facility held on to the ashes for seven years before the Canadian family called to claim the ashes that were left on the back seat of a number 12 bus
Another very unusual item that was turned into the Lost Property Vault is a prosthetic leg complete with a tied tennis shoe. The team is still searching for the owner who has yet to be identified.

The items at the Lost Property Vault are normally left at the vault for 90 days before they are disposed of by the workers. Many items are donated to charities while others are sold at auction. Still other items are simply thrown in the trash. Therefore, if you think you have lost anything, you better hurry, especially if it is your prosthetic leg.

Securus Sets Record For Money Raised For Charity In 2015

Dallas, Texas based technology company Securus had a record year when it came to employee contributions for the non-profit group United Way. The company went from having contributions from employees in the amount of $32,995 in 2008 to $345,763 in 2015. That is almost a tenfold increase in a span of only five years. Securus started the tradition of helping people in need by contributing funds to organizations such as United Way that aid people in areas like education, healthcare, disaster relief and crisis management.

“2015 had many landmarks in terms of employee donations and giving, which was fantastic to see” says Securus Tech CEO Richard Smith. Landmarks for the company’s donations to United Way included the highest ever yearly employee contribution to United Way, the most leadership givers, and the greatest total of total employee contributions. Leadership givers are employees who donated $1,000 or more in funds to United Way over the course of 2015. A total of 620 workers donated to the campaign to raise money for United Way in 2015, and 211 of those were leadership givers who donated over $1,000. Securus Technologies also bested its goal of raising $290,000 for the year by almost 20% and had the highest percentage of money raised above its goal in all the companies involved in raising money for United Way. Securus CEO Richard A. Smith lauded his company’s contributions. “This is speaks volumes about the company, the employees and their values” Smith added when the numbers were officially calculated.

United Way praised Securus calling their campaign a model one. I applaud Securus for contributing so generously, and for fostering a culture of giving to charities and those in need. Not many companies have a culture of contributing to charities ingrained in their work environment as Securus. The company treats its employees very well and educated them about doing good well. I think this approach should be picked up by many other major corporations.

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technological solutions for law enforcement, criminal justice organizations, corrections institution and inmates. The company serves thousands of law enforcement, correctional and public safety facilities in the United States. Technologies that Securus provides helps law enforcement inmate communication monitoring and record inmates as well as communicate with each other.

The company also gives inmates an opportunity to communicate with family members. Their revolutionary new video technology and inmate phone calls system allows friends and family to talk via live chat securely and at an extremely affordable price. This technology still allows law enforcement to monitor activity, while giving inmates the ability to directly communicate with family and friends via their video visitation software. It is free to download the app and then all you have to do is register for their software here: https://securustech.net/videovisitation

The company holds numerous patents in the criminal justice inventions field and is constantly developing new methods and devices that will make communication, recording, analyzing and monitoring at law enforcement facilities better. Securus Tech’s motto is to create a safer world, and they do that by giving law enforcement an edge on tracking inmates and their actives while still allowing inmates much needed contact with the outside world. I think they do a perfect job of balancing security and monitoring while respecting the needs of inmates and their visitors, and this approach is why they are a leader in the field. If you’d like to know more about Securus’ services, contact their customer service team with any additional questions.

Autism Rocks Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah, the president and CEO of Solo Capital who moved to Dubai from the UK in 2009, decided that he would like to do stage gigs to raise money for autism research. Shah stated that this had been something he wanted to do since his youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the condition in 2011. Shah raised more than Dh15 million for autism research, as he had been on shows with Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Joss Stone and Elvis Costello. Today, we will look Shah got started and talk about the foundation Autism Rocks.
How It All Started
It all began because Shah wanted to have a job that does not limit his income prospects. He then decided that the only way to do that is to become a broker. However, he thought that he’d rather start up his own business, and this is how Solo Capital was born.
After five years, Solo Capital has the net worth of $280 million, and there are offices in London and Dubai. Generally, Shah is taking the back seat in their daily business, which is why he can spend his time doing new business ventures and philanthropic projects. Shah stated that about a year ago, he got to the point where business was going so well that he didn’t have to spend his time focusing on it.
Autism Rocks
In 2011, when Shah and his wife took their youngest son Nikhil to a doctor in Dubai because he could not keep his food down. The doctor suggested to them to go to see a child psychologist to see if their son had a behavioral disorder or autism because there is a connection between food intolerance and autism. Shah and his wife later took their son to London to see a psychologist in the Portland Hospital who indeed found that their son had autism.
When Shah and his wife visited Dubai Autism Centre, which is a government-funded resource, they were told that Nikhil would have to wait for around five years for the therapy he needed because of the high demand and waiting list.
Because of this outcome, Shah decided to pay for the treatment out his own pocket and start the foundation Autism Rocks. He also went to the Dubai Autism Centre and asked what they need. Shah donated many different supplies that the Dubai Autism Centre needed to expand its treatment for autism. Shah then decided that he could do much more because he had more free time being the head of Solo Capital. Shah then started hosting events that attracted people to raise money for the foundation Autism Rocks.
Shah’s ultimate goal is to create an Autism Rock compilation album by next year. He wants to work with various pop artists, and he hopes that they will help in the fight against autism and donate their talents for an album which proceeds would go to the Autism Rocks foundation.

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Brexit And Migrant Crisis Top Europe’s Problems Says George Soros

George Soros has recently been giving his view of what is wrong with the European Union, including issues caused by the migrant crisis, the possible exit of Britain, and the financial crisis affecting both Greece and Ukraine.

In an interview published by fx street the successful hedge fund manager revealed his changing view of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he has been critical of in the past; Soros revealed the issue of migrants arriving from Syria in Europe has seen Merkel show strong leadership, but her position has been placed at risk by the ongoing situation. To halt the issues that have been causing problems with the huge numbers of migrant arriving in European Union countries a dedicated plan needs to be put into place to handle the influx of refugees. Soros does agree with the view of the German leader that the growing migrant crisis could bring about the total collapse of the EU if it is not handled correctly.

One of the major issues George Soros sees arising from the migrant crisis is the closure of the open borders program that is key to the survival of the continent wide community. Countries like the U.K. are already looking for the best ways of approaching their own future in the European Union, which is an area of the continent close to the heart of Soros. The financial expert himself arrived in London as a refugee after World War II when he survived the Holocaust in a Nazi concentration camp, according to the New York Times. The people of Britain will be offered the chance to vote on their continued involvement in the European Union, which could prove disastrous for both the country and the continent if the vote sparks the exit of the U.K. from the community. Britain takes advantage of the free trade rules across Europe, but has maintained independent from the Euro zone to remain free from many of the economic issues facing the continent.

George Soros sees many of the issues facing Europe in the coming years as being traced back to the economic collapse of Greece in 2009. The handling of the economic situation in Greece has been criticized by Soros with much of his fire aimed at Chancellor Merkel. The problem of Greece still needs to be handled successfully in the view of George Soros, but has also been joined by the need to work to solve the issues facing the Ukraine. Not only does George Soros see the country as important in stemming the flow of Russian aggression, but also hopes to see the survival of the country lead to a stronger unification of Europe.

All These Varieties Of Beneful Makes It Easy To Keep My Dog Happy

When it comes to nutrition and healthy ingredients, Beneful is a step above the rest. Additionally, they offer so many varieties to choose from, so your dog will always have a new taste to experience. I feel that variety in diet matters a great deal to all living things. If you ate the same food every day, you would not be a happy or healthy person. Your dog needs to experience different tastes and different foods in the diet on a regular basis. Beneful makes it easy to accomplish this without having to jump through hoops. They offer over 20 kinds of wet dog food, called Chopped Blends. My dog loves them, and yours will too. We have tried feeding our dog just dry food, but I feel that it is better to incorporate some wet food into her diet. Plus, Chopped Blends from Beneful looks great. It comes in many different varieties, but my dog seems to like the kind with salmon, rice, carrot and tomato the best. I was surprised because she had never showed much interest in fish before, but Beneful knows what they are doing when they make dog food. I usually mix that wet food in with some dry food from Beneful Original formula. We usually buy one of two kinds of dry food. Sometimes we will purchase the Purina Store’s Beneful Original Dry Dog Food that is made for dogs that have weight problems. It is called Healthy Weight. If we see her getting heavier, then we switch her to this. Otherwise, we usually feed her the Beneful dry dog food made with real chicken. I like that it says the ingredients on the bag, and I know she likes the taste because she wags her tail so much. If dogs could communicate, what would they tell us on Twitter? I think my dog would thank me for caring so much about what she eats. I know I’m grateful for having her around, and I’m glad she guards the house from intruders. She’s a special girl to me, and I want to have her around a long time.

Beneful Dog Treats For All Sizes of Dogs

Dogs enjoy occasional snacks just like people but in smaller amounts. Beneful brand dog food makes Healthy Smile Dental Ridges for mini, small, medium and large dogs. These treats are loaded with protein, fiber and calcium. Each snack is made with meat in the middle and flavored with parsley and peanut butter. Beneful dog treats reduce plaque and tarter buildup, promote strong teeth and bones and freshensbreath.

Mini-sized treats in eight ounce pouches are for dogs weighing two to thirty pounds. Half a piece per day can be given to two to five pound dogs. Six to fifteen pound dogs can be treated one piece per day, and sixteen to thirty pound dogs can receive two pieces per day. This variety is not recommended for puppies less than one year old and adult dogs weighing more than thirty pounds.

Small and medium sized dogs weighing five to 35 pounds enjoy little bit bigger treats in seven ounce pouches. Dogs weighing five to nine pounds enjoy half a piece per day. Ten to 25 pound dogs can be given one piece per day, and 26 to 35 pound dogs can be fed two pieces per day. This product is not recommended for puppies less than one year old and adult dogs weighing over 35 pounds.

Large-sized treats in eight ounce pouches are for dogs weighing ten to 45 pounds or more. Ten to 24 pound dogs can be fed half a piece per day. Dogs weighing 25 to 45 pounds receive one piece per day, and dogs weighing more than 45 pounds can get 2 pieces per day. These treats are not for puppies or adult dogs that weigh less than ten pounds.

Another treat available is Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These snacks from Purina are similar to the Dental Ridges in nutrition and flavor. Mini treats are available in eight ounce pouches, and small and medium sized snacks are offered in seven ounce pouches. Large snacks are packaged in eight and 20 ounce pouches.

Treats should not be given right before or after a dog’s meal. These snacks are rewards for good behavior or learning commands. If Beneful dog treats are given more than the recommended amount, health problems like weight gain and diabetes could occur over time. Dogs could also become less obedient or refuse their regular dog food and prefer treats only .




Beneful Dog Food – Which One is Best for Your Dog?

When you are standing in the dog food isle, do you think about your dog’s nutritional needs when you choose their food? Chances are, you choose the food your dog like Beneful has always eaten, whether it was specifically designed for their body type or not. Every dog has its own individual nutritional needs. These needs depend on their breed, age, size and current health. You know that puppies should eat puppy food and dogs should eat dog food. After this point, most pet owners become confused, especially when facing a massive wall of dog food at the store. While it may be difficult to determine the exact food your dog should be eating, there are some nutritional needs that you can decipher instantly, as long as you are equipped with the right knowledge.

Small dogs, no matter how old they are, require an intake of at least 40 calories per pound of body weight daily. Their large breed counterparts only require 22.5 calories per pound of body weight daily.

Small breed puppies typically have a very high metabolism. This means that the calories that they take in at breakfast can easily be spent in a matter of hours. Failing to provide enough calories can lead to serious health issues, so they should be fed a diet that is high in calories. Beneful Healthy Puppy with real chicken will ensure that he takes in plenty of calories, nutrients and DHA to support his special metabolism.

Large breed puppies do not require as many calories, but they do require a high nutrient diet that to prevent serious issues, like hip dysplasia. Beneful Healthy Grow for Puppies will meet their daily caloric needs, promote lean muscle growth and help to boost their immune system.

As an adult, your dog’s caloric intake should not change, except to accommodate their weight on petco.com. Here are the recommendations for small breed dogs verses large breed dogs.

For your small breed adult dog, Beneful Incredibites will ensure that your dog receives the proper calorie intake, as well as meet their unique metabolic needs. This food contains real meat and plenty of vegetables to provide your dog with energy and protect their health.

A large breed dog will need food with larger pieces, and they need more nutrients in each cup. If you are looking for the right Beneful on purinastore dog food for your large breed adult dog, the Beneful Healthy Fiesta brand should be in your shopping cart. This food combines real chicken, avocado and tomato to ensure that your dog has a high protein intake, and plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

How to Prevent Facebook from Hurting Your Career

In the world we live in, it is almost a given that you are attached to some sort of social media website. Social media is a pervasive and enjoyable part of our lives that we are almost furiously attached to. For most people that social media profile takes the form of a Facebook page. Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the entire world and it is the go to portal to share your thoughts, connect with friends and colleagues, and share your latest news. Facebook keeps you connected but it also broadcasts all of your information to the world, sometimes without you knowing. Are you comfortable with your bosses looking through your Facebook feed? If you aren’t, then your page could be hurting your career. Let’s take a look at ways your Facebook page can hurt your career aspirations.

Privacy on Lockdown
If you don’t want to self censor your posts then you need to make sure that your profile is completely locked down with security settings. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, says that this is the #1 way in which people end up getting their information out to the world — whether they want to or no. Status Labs is an online brand management company that focuses on cultivating a solid web presence for both celebrities and every day people. His advice on this topic is solid, so make sure to keep everything you want private, private.

Controversial Topics
Facebook is a haven for people to spout off all of their opinions, both good and bad. We’ve already seen in the news the way people are getting fired from their jobs for posting controversial opinions online. Whether your opinion is good or bad, sometimes it is better to keep it off of your social media. In regards to divisive topics you never really know where your superiors will land, and even if it doesn’t feel good to keep your mouth shut on the topic it might be better. Avoid topics like religion and politics on your Facebook page unless you are sure of your audience. Status Labs knows that you have to cultivate a web presence so start by keeping yours clean.

Caring For Your Dog’s Health

Your dog’s health is of utmost importance to the new pet owner. Like humans, eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential to good health and happiness.

Purina Beneful understands dog’s health. Veterinarians and diet specialists work consistently to make Beneful a healthy addition to your dog’s health and life.

New pet owners and experienced ones alike make an important choice when choosing their pet’s food. Beneful’s first ingredient is real meat for meat eating animals. Your dog’s first nutritional need is protein and meat is the best source of protein according to amazon.com for your dog’s growing muscles, skin and bones. Whether in dry or moist form, it is the first and foremost ingredient in Purina’s Beneful dog food formulas.

In fact, even the dog owners who work at Purina feed their dogs Beneful. They know firsthand the care and quality that go into producing a wholesome food for their own dogs and for yours, too.

Beneful on beneful.com has several varieties for different tastes and needs of a growing dog. Of course, there is a puppy formula made with added protein and extra vitamins and minerals for your rapidly growing puppy. Smaller morsels and more of what a puppy needs makes this food the perfect food to start a great relationship with you and your newest friend.

The playful life formula carries your dog into its adult life with rich tasting morsels packed with protein, vitamins, and whole grains for long lasting energy and fun filled days at the park. Maintaining a proper weight is important so there is a healthy weight formula for the dog that eats a little more than his share.

Beneful’s healthy radiance blend maintains good skin and a shiny coat. With added omega 3’s, not only will his coat shine, but his eyes will be bright. Good fats like the omegas are great for cognitive function and minerals help maintain strong bones and muscles.

Moist varieties will tempt the pickiest eaters with their meat, gravy and vegetable choices.

Along with regular veterinarian check ups, exercise and Purina Beneful, your dog will live a long full life of love.

QNET Is Combining the Best of Two Worlds

It’s no secret that e-commerce is a fast-growing business vertical. In countries like India, there’s nothing hotter. Another extremely fast-growing segment is direct selling, which is commonly known as networking marketing or even multi-level marketing. QNET is a company that has combined the selling model of MLM with internet e-commerce to form a juggernaut of sales.

One thing QNET has been active with is the issue of India’s laws concerning MLM. The company’s Zaheer Merchant has called for a regulator and clear rules governing the industry. Clear laws are always better for fast-growing companies like QNET. In order to continue to grow, they need a simple route to compliance. QNET has expanded to 100 countries and has plans to continue its ascent.

QNET has been in business for 13 years. Right now the company has nine product categories and thirty products. Their products lines are geared mainly towards wellness and personal health improvement. The company is expanding its line into vacation packages and other services. The company differs from others due to its focus on vegetarianism. Vegetarianism has been proven to be effective for preventing certain diseases and helping with weight control. QNET is strictly against animal testing in all forms.

Network marketing is one of the last bastions around that can empower people to take a small investment and earn a large sum of money. Those who are good at direct selling can leverage their personal network to make sales. They will also earn money on other members who they recruit for the company. This strategy is used all over the world by many fast-growing companies.

QNET markets products under the name Amezcua. They also distribute products called Bio Disc and Chi Pendant through a licence with a third party. QNET initially started with a small group of friends before reaching prominence in much of Asia. As the company continues to extend it popular lines, it’s likely the growth is going to continue.

The company has been engaging in partnerships with popular companies like Manchester City. Manchester City Football Club are the champions of the 2013-2014 Barclays Premier League champ. Partnerships like this have long been used to help with branding for direct selling companies. QNET is on the rise and their brand is becoming more recognisable all over Asia. The company is waiting for regulatory changes that would allow them to expand their production in India. Right now they have several popular products that they do not sell in India which could be added. The future looks bright since direct selling is still a relatively small industry in much of the world. With a low barrier to entry, many people can use this type of opportunity to improve their finances.