“A New Wage In Town”

New York City is now going to raise their minimum wage to $6 an hour more than the standard minimum wage. This will come out to be approximately $15 an hour. Many workers are happy about this because they have been waiting for this for a long time. However, there are also people believing that these places of employment will get off the hook.

In a sense, many fast-food establishments will get off the hook. This is because the fast-food establishment must have at least 30 different chain-restaurants within the city. If this is not so, the owner(s) of the establishment do not have to raise wages.

Going further, owners of fast-food restaurants can place their establishment in a class of independent businesses. This will no longer make them a fast-food restaurant, and this will cause them to refrain from raising wages.

People in New York City and in the surrounding states are waiting to see when this raise will be set in place. Sources say that people in other states are going to complain to lawmakers once this raise goes into effect. These individuals in other states believe their wages should be raised, too, especially for the same line of work.

There are also many New York economic analysts Susan McGalla that believe this will do damage to the city. These individuals believe that this raise is going to cause chaos. This will be due to business owners getting out of every tax possible in order to pay the higher wages.

Brazillian Authors Impacting Society

Many talented and cultured authors come from Brazil. Their views on life and interesting ways of expressing them, present a different take on how they see the world to their readers. This is definitely something that can be seen in almost all Brazilian writing. In our time, it’s important for us to reflect on the authors that are currently making a historical difference in the literary world.

Hilda Hilst is considered on the great authors of the 20th century, and her works are still gracing the bookshelves of many today. Her writings were varied in genre, from poetry to theater and novels. The most popular would be With My Dog Eyes, which is a book composed of short novellas and short stories. The author, born in Jaú, Brazil, has received many major literary awards over the course of her life.

Jaime Garcia Dias is an author from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who has also collected many awards for his literary work. Dias started writing at the young age of fifteen, and had completed and published his first novel before the age of eighteen. Before even hitting his mid-life years, Dias had published ten novels. Now, with twenty books published, and among them five awards: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny, Jaime has become one of the leading writers of Brazil fiction literature. He has spent the past two years writing, following in his fathers footsteps, as a journalist, writing for theJornal do Brazil.

Adriana Lisboa, an author out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, documents her travels in novels. Her work is centered on Brazilian characters moving in cultures and languages other than Brazil and Portuguese. Using her talents to explore, she helps open up the world to new experiences all over the world. With many literary awards and a documentary entitled, Lisboa, she is becoming a popular figure not only in Brazil but all over the world.

Brazil gives us the joy of being able to enjoy these authors in our everyday lives. They make this possible by translating all information into many different languages and providing work that appeals to people of many different backgrounds. Even if your have no personal attachment to Brazil, you can still be in awe with the entertaining examples of Brazilian culture that these talented authors provide.

Jobs Currently Paying Less than $15 per Hour

With all the uproar lately about raising the minimum wage to $15 at certain establishments, you might be surprised to know that many skill positions currently being filled are actually paying much less than that. People like Bruce Levenson are working at jobs that require skill and dedication, and doing so for in many cases for less than even $10 per hour. The list of jobs that are paying these low salaries just might surprise you.

Material movers, like forklift operators in ship yards are barely making $9 per hour for their strenuous work. Not only is operating those heavy machines dangerous, it takes a great deal of skill to move fragile items on and off boats and trucks all day long. Home health aides, the men and women who come to the houses of those in need of help, these people barely make $10 an hour. They spend their day driving from house to house, treating patients in their homes, washing them, feeding them, testing them, all for far less than burger flippers are demanding they get paid.

The list of people who you encounter each day that barely even make $9 an hour grows. bakers and receptionists are in that class of low paying jobs. Bank tellers, laborers, and many farmers make less than $10 per hour for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Those responsible for washing and dry cleaning your clothes are barely making $8 an hour, and the list goes on and on. If workers at fast food restaurants are going to be paid $15 per hour, what can these hard working people making lower wages expect?

Is It Time To Go Global With Investing?

Many question when the right time to go global with their investment strategy is. They want to diversify but some are afraid of taking on too much risk in the process. It is true that good diversification involves avoiding taking on more than one can reasonably expect to handle. So, with that in mind, which international markets seem ripe for investment?

At the moment, Brazil is getting a lot of press as being a place to put some investment money. This is because the South American nation is growing quickly but is still certainly in the process of modernizing its economy. The country is the fifth largest in the world in terms of both population and land area. Thus, there are a lot of consumers for future growth in that region. Companies in the country have a lot of people they can sell their products to, and those people are more than happy to consume them.

Igor Cornelsen is one investor who has been preaching the virtues of investing internationally for a while now. He has even been a big promoter of the idea of investing in Brazil specifically. This is because he sees the country as a great target opportunity for those with a little capital to spread around. He thinks of investing as a long term value proposition and believes that everyone should invest what they can for the long term.

His choice of Brazil as a place to put money is worth noting. It is yet another expert who believes in the country and the promise that it has. In terms of international markets it does have some benefits that other emerging economies do not. For example, the country is a democracy and is considered quite stable. These factors are not always part of the picture when one starts to explore developing countries. All too often they are countries in regions of the world that have military conflicts and other problems as well.

People look to this country as a place in South America that is leading by example. It does not possess some of the same turmoils that its neighbors do, and it is considered to be the most advanced country in all of South America. It is hardly a wonder that so many feel that this is the place where money should be flowing into from investment accounts all around the world. Brazil just makes sense.

Cuba opens embassy in Washington

There are still many differences to resolve, but for the first time in 54 years, the United States and Cuba have embassies in each other’s capitol.

On Monday of this week the refurbished Cuban embassy was opened in Washington, D.C., and the Cuban flag was flown for the first time since relations were severed uring the Cold War in 1961.

It has been seven months since U.S. President Barak Obama, Trader James Dondero and Cuban leader Raul Castro agreed to restore diplomatic ties, and the embassies are just now opening, according to a story on Yahoo.com.

“But it does reflect the reality that the Cold War ended long ago, that the interests of both countries are better served by engagement than by estrangement,” Secretary of State John Kerry said.

The key differences remaining between the two nations are the economic embargo the U.S. imposed on Cuba, and the return of land used as a military base in Guantanamo Bay.

Kerry said the U.S. wants to lift the economic embargo, but stopped short of promising anything on the military base. The Cuban leader said he wanted those things Monday, as well as compensation for damages.

Love It, Snap It, Buy It

Visual searches are the new wave when it comes to searching for products. Many people each and every day go to websites such as Yahoo and Google to do certain searches for items that they are interested in purchasing. This may seem like a simple task, but in reality it can be time-consuming. A person has to put in all of their information for the item that they are looking for, and they have to hope that it actually comes up on their search engine. If it does not come up the first time they have to try other descriptive methods in order to get the item that they were hoping to find and purchase. This may be an item that they may have seen on the street, it may be an item that they have seen in the store, or it may be an item that a family member or friend purchased. It may be an item that they really want, but they may not be able to describe it in the correct way to fit the search engine.

Visual searching eliminates all that hassle for an individual. A visual search is a search engine that an individual does using only a photo. All that a person has to do is have their electronic device out and ready, and when they see the item that they are interested in finding more about or purchasing, all that they have to do is take a picture of that very item, and within no time information will pull up on their screen. They can purchase the item that they are looking for with just the tap of a finger.

Slyce is the innovative company that is the front runner when it comes to visual searches. They help connect retailers and clients. All that a person has to do is download one of their multiple apps, and they can be connected to different retailers and brands in a cinch. Slyce uses visual seach to offer individuals the opportunity to take a picture of the items that they want and purchase them within just a few taps of their finger.

It is great to know that now an individual no longer has to use clumsy search engines like Google and Yahoo. With just a few steps they can get the item that they want ordered and shipped out without having to go through any fuss.

Find What You Want With Image Recognition

It has happened to us all. You are walking outside, hanging with friends, sitting at the ballpark or looking at stores in the mall when you see someone walk past that has something amazing on. Whether it is a top, hat, shoes or anything else of that matter, you just know the clothing is amazing and that you would look amazing in it. Of course, it doesn’t always work to run up to the person and ask where they found the clothing and where they bought it. Sometimes it works if you are standing right next to them, but if you’re in line at the movies and someone walks past, you just don’t have the time to stop them. However, if you have your camera phone on you, that doesn’t matter. You just need to snap a picture of the hat, shoes or other item and you can easily find exactly what you are looking for online, all with the help of Image Recognition.

Slyce Helps Introduce Image Recognition
Slyce is one of the main players in the world of image recognition. The company understand just how frustrating it can be when you find the perfect outfit and you just don’t know how to find it or where to locate it. With the help of this image recognition service though, it is now easier than ever before. Instead of being sad that you might never know where the person bought it, you can instantly find what you are looking for and then compare prices all over the Internet. In fact, you probably are able to locate the clothing for a better price than the person wearing the clothing.

So How Does This Work?
It really is rather simple. When searching for a product online, you need to type in keywords that describe the product. If you know the name of the item or the name brand, it helps out a good deal. However, when shopping for something you just saw in passing, this is rather hard. Outside of some brief descriptive keywords, chances are there are going to be hundreds of other options, if not more, and the search might take hours, if you find it at all. With image recognition, the programming takes care of the keywords for you. Instead of typing in keywords, you submit your image and it compares all the elements of the product to find the perfect match.

Amy Schumer Chooses To Turn Down A Regular Hosting Gig

Amy Schumer is a comedian, and she has been in several movies, especially one that is coming out this year. Amy is an upcoming movie coming out entitled “Trainwreck,” and she is doing very well in her acting career. Amy Schumer Turns Down Offer. Since Amy is so incredibly popular right now, she was offered a gig on the Daily Show, and she would be hosting the show. Funny enough, Amy decided to turn down the offer, and many people were wondering why she would turn down such a good job.

Amy states that the job would more than likely run for at least five years, and it would give her a permanent job to do every day. Ricardo Tosto just doesn’t see her doing that though. The problem is, Amy doesn’t like knowing what she’s going to do from day to day, she prefers unpredictability. Since the job would require going to the same building every day, Amy said she turned it down because she’d rather not know what job she was going to do from day to day. Although Amy says that she appreciates the offer, she also says she would rather wait around to see what comes up next.

Amy must be doing very well if she can turn down such a great opportunity that many people would die for, but that’s what happens when you get to the top of the acting list. Once you’re on top, everyone requests you, and you can turn down whoever you please.

Bye Bennifer

Celebrity marriages have never been known to last. It’s easy to see why. Can you imagine how stressful that schedule is? On any given day one part of the pair is flying around and spending countless hours in the studio. It’s never ending. As soon as one movie or television show wraps up, another one seems to start right after. There’s added pressures other than that. Even when a person isn’t filming they are still going places to promote the film. Other than that, a lot of actors and actresses are required to have intimate scenes with others such as making out, and even going further. This can make relationships and marriages that are already unstable, even more stable.

Therefore, it really is no surprise that one of the most popular celebrity couples is splitting up. BuzzFeed is reporting that Ben Afflect and Jennifer Garner are parting ways. They aren’t immediately filing for divorce, it will be a slow process. They have three children and will do co-parenting to give the children the best life possible.

Overall, it’s respectable that they are parting ways amicably and with respect for one another. A lot of divorces can turn ugly, but when your as popular as these two, you have to keep your cool and go about things in the proper way. Dr. Jennifer Walden likes the way it is all playing out. They’re doing what they determined is best for them and for their children that they have together.

Playing the Box Office Prediction Game with Terminator: Genisys

The first box office reports for Terminator: Genisys have been tallied. The inaugural day of the feature’s overseas’ release has pulled in a little over $8 million. Now, we can all try and predict the first weekend’s overall take.

By the afternoon of July 2, 2015, we will know what the film earned its first day of release in the United States. We will also have the second day of release figures for the film. Going on pure speculation here, if a new Terminator film earns $8 million in only ten markets overseas, the film is hardly going to do less in the United States, a market in which the feature opens on more than 3,000 screens.

Being very conservative with the estimates, it would be safe to predict the film does $8 million in both foreign markets and in the U.S. on Weds and Thurs. That comes out to $32 million. Clearly, the film is going to do more than $8 million a day over the four-day July 4 weekend. If the movie did continue to pull in merely $8 million per day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday both foreign and domestically and then another $8 million in the U.S.A. on Monday, the total comes out to $88 million. Once again, the movie is going to do a lot more than $8 million per day on the weekend.

The bottom line: Terminator: Genisys should have a good opening weekend. Will it have legs, though?

Thanks to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for giving me all the info I needed to write this.