How the European Union Would Bring the Asylum Chaos to an End

George Soros is a businessperson and philanthropist based in America. He established the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society, which are both running successfully. Soros was born in in Hungary in 1930. He witnesses the Nazi occupation on in his motherland in the World War II and how the Battle of Budapest threatened the lives of his family. In 1947, he fled to England from his homeland, Hungary, which was highly dominated by communists.

Soros attended the London School of Economics and later moved to the United States to start his career in business. He has since accumulated a lot of wealth through his firm, Soros Fund Management. George Soros has participated in active philanthropy since 1979 when he started providing bursaries for black students to join Cape Town University. The Open Society Foundation is currently active in over one hundred nations, where it works to encourage principles of open society, transparency, and human rights. In 2011, the firm had an annual expenditure of 835 million dollars.

Mr. George Soros’, opinion on how the European Union would end the asylum chaos was published on the Marketwatch website on 29th September 2015. In the article, George Soros suggests that the increasing number of asylum-seekers in Europe has been transformed from being a manageable issue to a political crisis, by the lack of a common asylum policy in the EU. The refugee program is being disrupted majorly by the individual interests of the EU member states. A comprehensive crisis response plan that covers countries beyond Europe should be created to control the numbers of asylum seekers and the rate at which Europe can absorb them. Managing the potential asylum-seekers on near their present location will be less expensive.

With the current crisis in Syria, the Syrians should be given priority. However, other asylum-seekers should not be forgotten. The European Union’s strategy should be complemented by an international response that would help in solving the refugee problem. The burden should be distributed over many countries, with the aid of the United Nations.

According to George Soros, the comprehensive strategy has six sections. The EU should first absorb at least one million asylum seekers per annum and distributed them impartially, to enable the future being predictable. Fifteen thousand euros should be offered by the EU during the first two years, to each asylum seeker to cover their basic needs.

The EU should raise funds to help four million refugees who reside in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. The union should assist in creating suitable trading zones that can attract investors, and therefore, jobs will be created for the asylum-seekers. The EU should also pledge 8 to 10 billion dollars per annum to the frontline states. The rest of the funds to help the refugees in Europe should be contributed by the US and other countries around the globe.

Europe should have one joint Asylum and Migration Agency and a single EU border guard, to abolish the current 28 different asylum programs that do not function efficiently. A universal rule on employment and entrepreneurship should be made by the agency. An effective return program that is by the human rights should be created for refugees who no longer need asylum.

Appropriate ways of moving refugees from Italy and Greece to their destinations should be designed to end the current panic. As a way of mitigating the number of migrants who make unsafe expeditions across the Mediterranean, safe avenues must be distributed to frontline areas. Global standards for handling refugees and migrants should be established with help from the European Union’s financial and operational arrangements.

The EU should mobilize private institutions such as NGOs, businesses, and churches to help to fund the asylum-seekers program. This activation will enable the union to absorb more than one million refugees annually. Sufficient funding, human resource and IT will be required to make this program possible.

The Starlets of Queens of Drama

Have you every heard of Queens of Drama? Well, Queens of Drama is a reality television show on channel POP. It first aired on POP on April 26, 2015 and ran for 10 episodes for its first season.

Produced by Thinkfactory Media with executive produces of Leslie Greif, Aaron Fishman, Adam Freeman, Adam Reed, and Tim Laurie, Queens of Drama is a reality television show about a group of daytime and primetime soap opera stars trying to “pitch and produce a new series hoping to land a pilot deal by the end of the season.” It runs for 30 minutes per episode and features the cast of Queens of Drama include Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills. These former soap actresses take the role of being the one in production, not the one inside the camera lens.

I think this is a pretty unique and a very clever storyline for a reality television show. Showing the process of how a soap opera becomes produced is something that I never really watched before. It takes the viewers behind the scenes of production, and I believe it’s a great idea to show the actresses staying behind the camera. Also, I think this is a great opportunity to jump start that spark that has been missing in the soap opera industry in the recent years.

I think Crystal Hunt is really great in Queens of Drama. because I believe she is the most enjoyable and likable character in the show. I find the other cast kind of obnoxious and rather annoying more than anything.

Since at a young age, Crystal Hunt has been acting and had great success. She kicked off her career by starring in several commercials and eventually landed a role of Stacy Morasco in ABC’s One Life to Live. She has been in many other films and shows, and her vast experience in acting really helps her in Queens of Drama.  I also thought it was cool when I learned that Crystal was a photographer too, added another dimension to her craft.  She definitely has range, I saw a YouTube video from her soap opera roles, she’s done the full range of emotions.

So if Queens of Drama is something you might be interested in, well, you might have to wait a bit because season 2 is not out yet. In the mean time, however, check out season 1 if you can!  If you’re hungry for more, I found a good interview featuring Ms. Hunt and the other stars of Queens of Drama.

Beneful Products

Beneful is one of the leading dog food brands in the world today. There are a lot of people who understand that Purinastore Beneful spends a lot of money on product quality and development. For pet owners, one of the most important decisions to make is the type of dog food that you will give to your pet. There are a wide variety of dog food brands to choose from, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is right for you.

Healthy Options

There are a lot of healthy dog food options that are available on WalMart today. Over the long term, investing in healthy dog food ends up saving pet owners money because the dog is healthy. There are many people looking for ways to increase the overall quality of life of their dog, and buying healthy dog food that is made correctly is one of the best ways to do this. Not only will your dog experience higher energy levels, but they will also be able to take the next step in their health.


There are also many dog owners concerned about gluten in their dog food choices. Although many dogs do not have a gluten allergy, there are products that owners can choose that do not contain gluten. This is a big step for the industry simply because it shows that people are willing to pay more for products that they are passionate about. Over the long term, it will be interesting to see if this trend stays or if it goes away in the dog food industry.

Natural Food

In addition, Beneful sells a lot of natural dog food options. Instead of using the traditional materials to make dog food, the company uses real food to grind up into bits and pieces that dogs can eat. Over the long term, this leads to higher levels of health in pets. Not only can this increase the standard of living in dogs, but it can also help dogs feel better throughout the day. This is a growing category in the Beneful brand name for the future.

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The Facts on the Capital Restructuring-Madison Street Capital Video

As one of the leading banking groups in the corporate investment sphere, Madison Street Capital is holding the competition at bay. The firm puts focuses their attention on helping middle market companies seeking accessible and timely assistance to their clients. Through hard work and diligence the company on has shown an aptitude for developing the most effective corporate financial structure possible.

Madison Street Capital focuses on more than one type of corporate funding source. The companies sources include lenders working on an asset base, venture capital groups, credit based lenders and more.

The staff at Madison Street Capital provide a way to allow businesses to find the funding that they require. By providing clients with as many viable options as possible, the company lets their clients maintain control and helps them to make effective, informed decisions. Knowing the options available to them regarding financial relationships on, corporate valuation and financial restructuring helps their clients improve not only their quality of life but also the quality of their business.

Madison Street Capital’s network includes such diversity for a reason. The firm knows that each client and their respective businesses are unique. The situations that each business finds itself in is also unique, and therefore a detailed and custom approach is the most beneficial.

In terms of corporate financing, Madison Street Capital has seen global success in many areas, including startups and firms that have already begun to establish themselves. The company’s staff has developed a reputation as well due to their ability to apply their years of industry experience in many areas. Some of these areas include growth capital, mergers, valuation and acquisitions. With a diverse portfolio of lenders and skills, Madison Street Capital is on it’s way to becoming the defect solution to almost any corporate financing need. The firm’s business practices as well as their dedication to professionalism and the success of their clients has been proven by an almost infinite list of praises from their clients.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has earned a name for itself as one of the fastest growing corporate financing companies in today’s market. The company’s goal is to ensure that each of their clients is wholly satisfied with the solutions to their financial situation. Each client receives the same level of attention, whether a small, first time startup or an already established company seeking assistance with mergers or acquisitions.

This reputation has made Madison Street Capital a household name in the corporate investments sector in many areas. The company knows how hard it can be to locate trustworthy lenders as well as the difficulties in approaching them.

Living And Working In Unhealthy Conditions Creates Ongoing Virus Related Deaths According To Medical Advisor Doctor Sergio Cortes

Brazil is good example of a country that offers visitors a chance to experience what some people call a utopian environment. The beaches, people and natural beauty of Brazil have been written about for centuries. But there is a dark side to this giant beauty. Brazil is caught in a unshakable set of health concerns that keep getting worse, according to one of Brazil’s leading medical advisors, Dr. Sergio Cortes.

According to, Dr. Cortes is the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro. But Dr. Cortes has also been the Director of the State Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Cortes is still involved with the Ministry of Health. He serves as an advisor for the mosquito-related diseases that infect millions of Brazilians every year. wrote about Dr. Cortes when he was sent to Xerém, Duque de Caxias to try to prevent a major outbreak of the dengue virus. Dengue is one of the most popular viruses in Brazil these days. Thousands of people in the North and Northeastern regions of Brazil are infected with dengue every year because of unhealthy living conditions. The lack of proper waste removal and the lack of clean drinking water are combined with a tropical climate, and the end result is an out-of-control mosquito population.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito arrived in Brazil 30 years ago, but it didn’t take long for the females to find their impoverished victims. The female Aedes aegypti mosquito is public enemy number one in cities like Recife, and Salvador, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes official website.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health is well aware of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, and what that pest can do to the Brazilian population. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes don’t discriminate. They may bite the poor people first, but social status and blood type doesn’t matter to those disease carriers. The Aedes aegypti mosquito population in parts of Brazil is out of control because the government is way behind in their eradication methods, according to a recent Dr. Cortes tweet. The recent outbreak of the Zika virus proved that more has to be done to stop the unnecessary deaths caused by mosquito bites.

Dr. Cortes believes the Brazilian government will increase funding for mosquito eradication in 2016 because it’s not just poor people dying from these infections anymore. The Zika virus can live in anyone.
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How Stephen Murray Influenced CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital specializes in growth equity investments and buyouts. It is a private equity firm that operates globally. It conducts businesses in North America and Europe. It also targets four industries. The four industries that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital targets are Consumer/Retail, Healthcare, Industrial, and Chemicals/Energy. They have plenty of different methods that they use in order to influence the growth of the company with the use of deep expertise in the industry and proprietary operating resources.

CCMP Capital was successful because of the ownership of Stephen Murray. He was a philanthropist as well as a private equity investor. He served CCMP Capital as the president and CEO. He has engaged in many philanthropic activities throughout his career. Among the charities that he has supported was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has also served on the board of different big corporations like AMC Entertainment. Stephen Murray has died on March 12, 2015. He was 52 years old when he died. A month prior to his passing, he has left the company due to health related reasons. Steve Murray is missed by everyone on the staff of CCMP Capital. Right now, the company will continue to move on with the lessons learned from the former president and CEO.

CCMP continues to work in the four sectors that it has gained a lot of experience in throughout the lengthy period of time. Among the things that CCMP has gained a lot of experience in is cycles of business as well as different conditions of the market. The work environment is also a good aspect of CCMP. They run a cooperative environment that participates in team work as well as honesty so that the business could continue to bring in growth and profits in an ethical manner. CCMP will continue to come up with some of the most useful strategies for success with the application of the lessons taught by Stephen Murray.

Kyle Bass Increases Cost

Not all cost is strictly monetary. Some cost must be calculated in non-monetary terms. That said, money can often be applied in a way which elucidates a point. For example, the IRS values a human life at between one and two million dollars. This is an average, of course; but when one does the math, it makes sense. $20,000 a year for 50 years ends up being about a million dollars; meaning even a perpetually poor employee could cruise through a million dollars in economy easily over the course of a lifetime. But a life is certainly worth much larger sums than even millions can describe, ultimately. This figure is only used here to drive home a point. See, Kyle Bass uses a pseudo-humanitarian organization to manipulate the stock market. The ostensible purpose of that organization, called CAD (the Coalition for Affordable Drugs) is to make the price of drugs produced by big-ticket pharmaceutical companies and depended on by millions less expensive. CAD has successfully decreased the cost of big-ticket pharmaceuticals’ drugs as much as ninety percent in some cases. That sounds great for the infirm, doesn’t it? Until one considers that a ninety-percent reduction in drug-price translates to a ninety-percent profit loss for that drug, meaning future expenditures must be cut to maintain a given organization’s bottom line.

What do pharmaceuticals often cut when such expenditures force them? Things like research and development. R&D creates cures, develops treatments, and finds new medicines for the infirm. Ergo, Kyle Bass’ CAD actually ends up curtailing future breakthroughs. If only one million people in the world may be saved by development of a new medication, according to financial estimates by the IRS, that is potentially a million dollars multiplied on itself over a generation; or a trillion dollars.

Why would Kyle Bass knowingly defraud the world out of a trillion dollars’ economic potential? Well, after he’s sicked CAD on a pharmaceutical company, he short-sells his holdings with that group when their stock value plummets. See, Bass is using CAD not to help the sick; he’s using it to manipulate the stock market successfully, legally, and perpetually.

It all makes sense when one considers the bigger picture. Bass is from Argentina and by many considered a lackey of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of that country. His public appearances definitely demonstrate a bias toward de Kirchner, and that’s disturbing enough.

Bass linkage linkage to Kirchner also may explain why his hedge-fund performs abysmally despite his accurate prediction about America’s stock market in 2008. Kyle Bass has ties to a socialist regime with greater resources than an individual financier would normally have, giving him greater information than most, but a hidden agenda. Such ties should cause anything he says on the mainstream media to be taken suspiciously, even without the whole CAD kerfuffle. In the end, Bass’ cost on society is more than just monetary; it’s ideological.

Technology and Terrorism: When The Two Worlds Collide

The San Bernadino terrorist attack caused fear and outrage and a desire by the public and the government to get to the bottom of the situation and find out how this could have happened. In their goal to do that, the government mandated that Apple unlock one of the terrorists phones so that they could have access to the data that might be able to link them to more answers. Apple refused. They said that it would be a breech of privacy to all of their consumers. There are many people that agree Apple. Many big tech companies have come to their defense and filed court briefs. In total there were about 40 organizations and companies that submitted more than 10 briefs to the Federal District Court in California. They all agree that this would be a slippery slope. If Apple opened this phone, they would be expected to open phones all around the world in other cases and it would extend to other technology and other companies as well. This story was reported on by the New York Times in a recent article.

The companies, including Intel, Twitter and Microsoft, all came together to write various briefs about different problems, legally, with letting the government demand this information. There were also arguments from the other side. They argued that because of the situation, it was necessary for the government to get this information in order to help them protect the country from future attacks. There were many individuals who wrote in and submitted their own filing. The most weighty of the filings were those filed by six people who had family members that had been killed in the terrorist attack. There were also other law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Associations, that jointly filed several filings as well.

There are several individuals and groups who are watching this situation unfold. All of these companies are publicly traded and public opinion matters. Investors and investment firms are waiting to see if they should move investments into or out of information technology and the other sectors that the non-IT companies are in. One such firm is Madison Street Capital. MSC is an investment banking firm that specializes in the middle market. The firm provides services such as private placements, tax compliance, structured finance products, solvency and capital adequacy, financial sponsor coverage, restructuring services, independent third party fairness opinions, share based compensation, company valuation and corporate governance. All of the services that they provide fall under four categories. The first category is asset management industry focus, then financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, business valuation and corporate advisory.

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Recap article about Wen by Chaz


Hair Products From Wen by Chaz Makes Your Hair Luscious

More and more women have been raving about Wen by Chaz, a popular hair products brand. This brand has been around for many years and is considered a top rated hair products line with satisfied customers around the world.

When I heard about the brand and the company behind it, I decided to give it a try and find out what the buzz is all about. This really got my interest and I wanted to put the product to the test and find out if it could transform my thinning hair into gorgeous looking hair.

If you haven’t seen the facebook infomercial about the WEN cleansing conditioners, these products are basically an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling treatment. The brand boasts that these products can work well for any hair type depending on which formulation you try. Personally, I went for the Fig version, as it promised to give my hair moisture and bounce.

I was floored when I noticed the tremendous change in my hair, as I went from having thinning hair to luscious hair that is full of vigor, bounce and shine.

WEN by Chad Dean creates great products, and their hair cleaning conditioner is no exception. This product is excellent for people with fine hair who take the time to shower and style their hair regularly.

Wen cleansing conditioners ae very popular hair-care products and have delivered excellent results to numerous users. Not only do they thoroughly cleanse and condition the locks, but they certainly help improve its sheen and moisture as well as manageability.

Wen line of hair products is a unique approach to the way you care for your hair. This ingenious hair products line is an amazing and beneficial way to cleanse, condition and style your hair. Chaz Dean formulated this product line with herbal ingredients. Chaz’s belief in the use of natural ingredients is reflected in the hair products that the company offers.

This article was mention that it was originally reported on Bustle,


This Season’s Sneaker Trend with JustFab


Rihanna has recently come out with her own sneaker that she designed for her Puma collection, Fenty x. These shoes, called “the trainer” are going to be the next big style in footwear. They’ll be coming out on Feb. 26 and according to this article, they will come in black, red, and white. These sneakers are made to be more than just streetwear. Sneakers that can be worn everyday and dressed up are quickly becoming a favorite in the fashion industry.

This new style of sneaker is soon to be popular and you’ll be able to find them at JustFab. Whether you’re looking for something similar to Rihanna’s shoes or some other types of sporty footwear, JustFab will have them. JustFab is an online subscription retailer that features a large variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Shoppers can sign up by answering some questions about what styles they like. They will then be presented with a showroom tailored to them every month. Members are able to buy items from their showroom at a VIP price, or if they don’t see anything they like, they can choose to skip the month at no cost.

JustFab has styles to suit anyone. The items are always in season and on trend. Instead of having to sift through countless pages of items, you can look at your presented boutique to find what you like. If you’re looking to get this season’s best sneakers, be sure to check out JustFab. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.