Trevor Noah will Replace Jon Stewart


Trevor Noah has been chosen to replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show when Stewart steps down from the position later this year. The 31-year-old Noah, originally from South Africa, has appeared on the show only three times over the past year as a contributor. The constant news speculation as to who would replace Stewart, 52, when he retires from the show has been a hot topic with an endless stream of names being thrown into the ring stated Kevin Seawright. According to, many familiar names were brought up by fans, including current correspondents Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams. Also named early on was John Oliver, who recently extended his contract with HBO in regards to his own show Last Week Tonightthat airs on the channel Sunday nights. The selection of Trevor Noah has come as a bit of a shock to many, but perhaps not an unpleasant one. We will have to wait until later this year to see how the The Daily Show, a staple to many people, will evolve under a new host. No official word yet as to when the hand over between Stewart and Noah will take place.

My Morning Jacket Putting Out New Music

Alternative rock band My Morning Jacket is releasing a new record. It will be called The Waterfall and is the first album that the band is releasing on Capitol Records. Rolling Stone Magazine has a clip on their website of the first single from the record “Spring (Among the Living)” along with the band’s video for the song.

In my opinion, “Spring (Among the Living)” does not compare favorably with the best of the band’s previous work. If the rest of the new record is like this song, then I think fans like those at STX Entertainment ( are in for a disappointment. The song is over six minutes, and this is just too long for a single. In my opinion, it’s self indulgent for a band to play songs over four minutes.

Also, the song is simply not that catchy. The band’s earlier songs like “Black Metal” stay in your head after they are done. Not so with this new song.

The video for the song is also kind of boring. It shows various waterfalls in slow motion, which is a nice concept, but the whole thing just comes across as lazy and uninspired.

The band is going on tour this summer to support the record. Despite not being thrilled about what I have heard so far of the new material, I would still love to see the band live. They do great shows.

Paula Patton Speaks Out About her Divorce with Robin Thicke

Actress Paula Patton stopped by to film a segment on The Meredith Vieira Show earlier this week. While she was there she discussed her divorce with “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke and being a single parent to their 4-year-old son Julian.

According to the story on, Paula said that she finally feels like she is becoming a real woman now that her marriage is over. She told Meredith that she started dating Robin when they were just 14-years-old. She went from living in parents’ home to living with Robin. Fans like Jamie Garcia Dias know that this is the first time she has lived on her own, which now, at 39-years-old, is making her feel like a real woman.

She is adapting to her life as a single mother to their son, as well as being a working mother. Like most working moms, she is finding it hard to leave her son when she needs to go to work. Having Julian, she said, has allowed her to not wallow in sadness over her split with her husband.

Robin has made attempts to woo Paula back; however he has not been successful.

The chat Paula had with Meredith Vieira is set to air on television next Tuesday.

‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Is Out Early

Kendrick just did the unthinkable by releasing his new album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ one week earlier than it was scheduled to be released. The Compton rapper worked very hard and has set the stage for this album to come out for the longest time now, and it’s finally here.

Everybody was so busy counting down the days to the awaited album that when it dropped, it brought a complete shock to everyone who waited for it. Fans like Christian Brode agree that the feeling of happiness is an understatement so far, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if we start seeing Kendrick’s new music all over the charts.

After everybody thought the album was supposed to be dropped on March 23rd, K. Dot surprised his fans by releasing it on March 16th. The album was released shortly after the track list was uploaded on the internet. Several collaborations are included in the album from artists like Snoop Dogg, Rapsody, Ronald Isley, James Fauntleroy, and George Clinton.

It may appear as if Kendrick was not the one who decided to release the album early because TDE CEO was not happy at all with the early release, and blames Interscope for what has happened.

Either way, the album is now available on iTunes and Spotify for fans from all over the world to get their hands on the newest album of who may just be the best rapper of the year 2015.

A Fine Bouquet of Taste

Are there words to describe the taste of a ten thousand dollar glass of wine? Stephen Williams, founder of Antique Wine Company, assures us that it will leave a sweet taste in the owner’s mouth. A 1787 Vintage Sauternes from Chᾰteau Yquem, was sold and delivered for one hundred thousand dollars, by AWC. This internationally recognized company of luxury wine and spirits has been in business for over 25 years in Central London. They are known for their expertise in the Fine Wine Industry.

Meridiana Baltis – Moscato 2012, is a sweet wine that can be enjoyed while dining Al Fresco at the beautiful De Mondion Restaurant. De Mondion is in the 17th century Xara Palace Relais & Chᾰteaux located in Mdina, Malta. The sun has set and a light breeze has picked up off of the ocean, gently caressing your hair. Your view from the terrace is magical with all the lights twinkling in the Mediterranean night air.

Executive Chef Kevin Bonello visits your table and shares that the local fishing has been good and he can fix it any way you choose. But, of course the Duck and Vension are also excellent choices for this evening. The menu is appealing, flaunting a modern Mediterranean cuisine, inclusive of gourmet desserts.

The Wine list is made up of a variety of taste and bouquets. Some sweet, some dry, the delicious grapes picked from vineyards all over the world, inclusive of their local vineyards on the Island of Malta.

De Mondion is rated among the top restaurants in Malta. Chef Kevin Bonello and his team of culinary artisans have won many awards through the years for their excellent service, always holding the customer in the highest esteem.

The reviews for this restaurant are astounding. Delicious food cooked with excellence, wonderful caring staff, ambiance, beautiful views, and sweet delicacies. And sometimes, you just might catch a few glimpses of fireworks in the night air.

Taylor Swift Makes Up-coming Artist’s Dream Come True

Taylor Swift made a new country singer’s dream come true by tweeting about her and her new song to her millions of fans without the singer even knowing. The singer is Kelsea Ballerini, and her song is called ‘Love Me Like You Mean It’. Dan Newlin has learned that Taylor said in a tweet that she is driving around playing Kelsea’s song on repeat, which ended up in resulting in Kelsea becoming famous overnight thanks to the pop stars tweet.

In an interview with Kelsea to find out how she felt about Taylor Swift tweeting about her, she was very excited and appreciative because this move is going to boost her career especially with her first album coming out. Kelsea has bee a fan of Taylor Swift for a long time now, and gets her inspiration to sing from Taylor’s and Rihanna’s music.

Kelsea didn’t even know that Taylor had listened to her song and liked it, let alone posted a tweet about it. She got a screenshot from one of her friends with the tweet in a picture and could not believe her eyes. She then logged on to twitter and found the tweet and just stared at it for 5 minutes without even being able to comprehend what has just happened.

Her phone blew up right after the tweet took place and she ended up responding to Taylor with a picture she took with the singer when she was younger which inspired her to pursue her dreams in music.

Kelly Clarkson going country?

I have loved Kelly Clarkson since she first appeared on American Idol. Since winning the first American Idol season she has certainly blossomed in to a very talented artist stated bloomberg,com. But, I guess I would not have envisioned her going country. With that said, her voice can certainly handle the country sound. It is beautiful and she is such a professional performer and just wonderful person in general.

In an article on Your text to link… , Kelly is interviewed about her song ‘Since U Been Gone,’ and her love of dancing and clubbing.

Though she loves to dance and club music, she doesn’t go out on the dance floor as much. Sometimes she and her group might rent a small section of a club, but as a mother she has responsibilities to address at home. She also talks about being well received in Nashville and how Nashville is becoming a new mecca of music of all kinds, not just country. Not quite the picture people outside of the town have.

Kelly also answered questions about watching any of the singing competition shows and she responded that she did. Since her husband manages Blake Shelton, who is one of the judges on the Voice, and Kelly herself made her mark on the music world starting out on Idol it seems natural she would.

Vijay Eswaran leads the QI Group to huge profits in a short time

In less than 20 years Vijay Eswaran has taken the company he founded, the QI Group from a startup to completing more than $750 million dollars in revenue during 2014. Vijay Eswaran himself was rated as being worth around $500 million in a 2013 listing of the top 50 richest in Malaysia by Forbes Asia as he led the company to moving into around 20 countries globally as expansion continued at a fast pace. At 54, Vijay Eswaran is leading his multi level marketing company into a global world of finance. The latest investments and expansions should see growth continue to expand as the Malaysia based company expands further out of the fast rising economies of Asia and into the traditionally strong European and North American markets.

Vijay Eswaran spent a large portion of his early life looking for the perfect opportunity in business to take and expand upon after completing his studies at the London School of economics in 1984. 54 year old Vijay Eswaran was not born with the perfect life to make him a star of the business world, his father was an employee of the Malaysia Ministry of Labor and moved the family around at regular intervals as his job demanded. After discovering multi level marketing the married business person set about learning and experiencing the techniques involved first hand. By expanding on his education to include marketing skills developed at Southern Illinois University and a period working at IBM, Vijay Eswaran finally set about forming his own company in 1998.

Despite the fact Vijay Eswaran has achieved such huge success he has focused a large amount of his energies on helping other in business and local communities. Eswaran has published a number of self help books designed to help business people use the skills they have to reach the top and achieve as much as possible. Outside of the business world he has also developed a number of philanthropic groups and programs that help provide educational opportunities for those who may not be able to afford them.

We Are The World Recently Turned 30

“We Are the World,” was recorded on January 28, 1985 as part of a superstar project between Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, and almost every other big name in music at the time. The music video still echoes today is remembered as one of the first classic music videos to hit airwaves when MTV was still in its infancy.

The lineup for the video included such legends as Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, who co-wrote the song together, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Paul Simon, to name only a few of the performers who gathered together to record the song as a project to raise money for the USA for Africa charity. While the project did raise money for the charity, it is most remembered for the spirit of the project stated The sign on the door for the recording session read, “Check your egos at the door.” This was about raising money for the people in Africa and each entertainer, no matter how big they were at the time, made an effort to forget self if only for one night.

One of the most interesting stories is the actual writing of the song which took place in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. Richie explains that following his pinning of the first legendary line – “There comes a time” – Jackson’s pet python made an appearance in the room. Richie laughs and retells this incident and you can get a play-by-play account of each moment of the project with this Rolling Stone retrospective.

Mumford & Sons Hint at New Album with Electronic Elements

Almost everyone who listens to popular music has hear of the band Mumford & Sons. This band has created a great name for themselves with their folk rock style of indie music. They have had a great blend of old time music with a new modern twist. They have gained a lot of success in the music industry with this type of music, and it is easy to see why they continue to create this amazing music that the record industry and their fans love. It simply just works for them. They have a formula for success that continues to work wonders for them.

However, Rolling Stones reports that they may be taking a more risky approach to their new album. Electronic music has been very popular lately in popular music. Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that, even though it seems very far removed from the original Mumford & Sons formula, it may be something that could even bring them more success. There are more and more bands that are taking electronic music and bringing it into their music, and maybe this will work very well for this folk rock band. It will be very interesting to see what these folk rockers do with synthesizers and drum machines. It is easy to say that there may be some fans that do not know how to react to this type of new Mumford & Sons music.