The Spirit of Michael Moonwalks Around The Globe.

Moon walk has become synonymous with the name Michael Jackson until now. Never before has there ever been someone so light on their feet who can glide along the floor like air is carrying him, but now there is. The superb Sergio Cortes is an impersonator but at first, second and third glance his matching looks are uncanny to Michael. Sergio not only has the look but also the dance and entertainment skills of the one and only.

Only difference from Michael is Sergio was born in Barcelona, Spain. He always loved to entertain the crowd at family functions. He performed whenever he could. He learned to dance as he watched the pro himself on television in the Jackson Five. He adored watching his favorite performer on the small screen and picked up his skills. Sergio turned his hobby into an astonishing profession, and it stuck.

Sergio slowly transformed himself into a star. Rekindling the fans of Michael with his rendition of “Man in the Mirror,” “Beat it” and even “Thriller.” Once, you get over the name difference most feel as if they are in the room with greatness. In many respects the skills that this look a-like has now rivaled the King of Pop himself. His most sought-after compliment is, from life-long fans of the artist. Many, that have been fans of Michael’s for decades have told him that he has done an excellent job replicating the master.

He tours throughout Brazil, Italy and many places around the world. Sergio Cortes, Human Nature tour is spectacular. It allows you to feel as if you are once again in front of your favorite artist. There is no grandeur possibility then being able to see the magical Michael on stage. Due to his likeness and the way he enthralls the concert venue, you still have a chance to be in awe. The eruption of excitement as Sergio steps onto the stage is the same as if MJ himself had just entered the room.

Giving that rare opportunity for those that never saw Michael, to see him perform, in spirit through Sergio Cortes. Many of us were heartbroken when he passed, we had still not seen him, now we can. It is with pronounced hopes that Sergio Cortes extends his tour. He gives all the rare opportunity to experiencing the King of Pop through Sergio Cortes.

All You Need to Know About Getting The Right Vacation Rentals In London

Traveling to new destinations comes as a surprise to many people. In some instances, one is caught up in a situation that makes it more challenging to make the best decision,. Especially when choosing  London vacation rentals. This is made more challenging by the fact that there are many websites that offer information about rentals in different locations. What matters most is identifying the right rental and this is something that has been aggravated by the fact marketing tactics have gone to offering misleading information. Getting the right vacation rental, therefore, one needs to get some information as shown below so as to make the best decision.

First, it is necessary to check for annoyances that may spoil the vacation. This includes loud music or noisy streets from nearby areas as well as lack of things like strong network. These are some of the things that are often overlooked but people realize too late they matter. Not every vacation rental offers the right details about things they have and some of the annoyances one has to keep up with. This is information that the user needs to search on different websites to first learn about a certain area and what to expect during certain hours.

Relying on well reputed sources and websites helps one to locate the best vacation destination. WorldEscape is a leading provider of information about vacation rentals, and guests can view available rentals as well as charges. They also offer information about the amenities that are offered on certain rentals as well as information about nearby places that one can visit for amazing moments. WorldEscapes also allows one to make some booking after viewing all the available rentals and choosing the right that fits their needs. It is also necessary to note that they have ensured all the rentals listed offer the best amenities and are verified to offer such services.

Reviews offer insight about different rentals and what to expect. It is always advisable to read through information that can help to reveal what is offered on different destinations before booking for your vacation. This is especially important considering each destination offers unique details about the features that are available and some which do not match up the right qualities have resorted to offering fake details. Getting honest reviews saves you the embarrassment of choosing a rental that cannot fulfill one’s vacation needs and specific expectations.

The Leadership of Bruce Levenson

In the business world Bruce Levenson has managed to become a business owner and partial NBA team owner. I admire Bruce because he isn’t an athlete, but he has managed to take ownership in an NBA team over the years. He has a background in law, and he also has stake in a technology company, but basketball has been his passion.

For many years he possessed an ownership role of the Atlanta Hawks. This is quite impressive because has never played basketball. He also has never even coached a team before. Levenson, however, has had the passion for the game for many years. He has been able to provide the money that it took to initially buy into the ownership role and his passion for the game drove him to do this. After many years with the Atlanta Hawks Levenson finally decided to focus on other things and he sold the Atlanta Hawks. Grant Hill would become the buyer that would take over the team. This is a good fit for Grant Hill, and it also gives Levenson the ability to move on to other things.

As someone that has been in business for a long time, Bruce Levenson has been able to create the United Communications Group and thrive. He has been able to serve on the board of directors for Tech Target. This is where Bruce has the most influential over the years. He has been able to provide services for a plethora of different services in the oil industry. He also owns a gas app called Gas Buddy.

Another thing that has become very important is his ability to give. Time’s Levenson has become a giver to many charities with his wife. I really like the fact that he has made it and he has managed to give back. This is one of the best things, in my opinion, about the legacy that Levenson is leaving. He worked as the co-founder of UGC, and he has served on lots of boards of directors. His charitable donations, however, are going to be a thing that many people remember him for. There are many children that are going to benefit from his Hoop Dreams donations. He also founded the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and I believe that this is a great legacy of giving to a worthy cause.

He has managed to be a great leader on so many levels, but I do believe that he was making the right decision to finally relinquish his role with the Atlanta Hawks. He has his hands in so many activities. The new owner, Grant Hill, may be a better resource for the Atlanta Hawks team because he has actually played basketball. He has had many years in the NBA. Levenson has taken the team to great heights, but he has many other duties that await him. This was a smart decision that is going to benefit both Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta franchise. Levenson has passed the torch to a very competent leader.

Choosing To Hire Professional Handy Services

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be difficult when you are doing all of the work on your own. One of the main issues that most homeowners face is the fact that they work full-time jobs or have very hectic schedules that they simply cannot keep up with while also cleaning their house. If this is a situation you are dealing with at the moment, it might be time to consider hiring the Handy service company to help out with this project for you. They are ideal for when you need a clean house without doing it all on your own.

One of the key factors that makes Handy stand apart from some of the other companies out there is that they have a long history of helping people get their homes and businesses cleaned. For those busy homeowners who just do not have the time or patience to get the cleaning done themselves, Handy can be there to make your life a whole lot easier. One of the reasons to hire Handy is that they can come in either as a one-time cleaning deal or as a maintenance cleaning schedule for the benefit of everyone in your home.

One of the other benefits to hiring the experts at Handy is that you will be working with professionals who have years of experience in the business of cleaning. The Handy House Cleaning experts have worked on all types and sizes of homes as well as businesses that need their help. You will also find that they can fit into your budget, allowing you to get this work done without the annoyance of thinking it is too expensive for your current budget. Handy is one of the top companies out there and can be a great addition to your life.

You will also notice that hiring Handy is made easier because of the fact that they bring all of their own equipment, machines and cleaning supplies. This can essentially help you to save lots of money because you are not the one who is going to be spending the money to buy all of these things. Instead, you will be the one who is sitting back and relaxing while the experts of Handy are doing the job for you. This is one of the best ways to relax without giving up on the comfort factor of living in your home.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring Handy, but you will want to contact their service professionals to see what they can do for you. From there, you will be able to have their professionals can come in and do the job for you when it is most convenient for you. You will find that Handy is one of the very best companies in the market of home cleaning. Their service costs are reasonable and they can work on all types of homes to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to actually enjoying your home.

No Other Network Is As Dynamic As Skout

Most people would love to take a cruise that goes out into the ocean, and they’ll be able to make multiple stops during a single cruise. Some would even love to get into an airplane and fly to several destinations, especially if they are looking to get away from the norm. Not everyone is fortunate enough to where they’ll be able to travel the way most people would love to, but some people are lucky enough to live this way. The Skout network has made it possible for people to travel around the world, but they don’t have to pay for plane tickets or cruise tickets.

It’s necessary for the Skout network to have a very detailed virtual travel experience in order for a person to really feel like they are experiencing a vacation. Not only has Skout Travel become revolutionary when it comes to virtually traveling, but it’s something that many people have raved about it. Millions of virtual journeys have been taken over the last couple years since the Skout network introduced Skout Travel. The travel feature is very low in cost, and only 25 Skout points will allow a person to travel virtually.

Those who know where they want to go with Skout Travel may find themselves traveling not just to one place, in particular, but to many places that they may have had an interest in for years. Some people have always wanted to travel to different countries, but the cost of the plane tickets has been something that has kept them from going. With Skout Travel, a plane ticket is not needed, but the person can still enjoy themselves as if they were going to the destination for real. Skout Travel can be used either on the Skout application or through one’s computer.

The Skout application is so popular that most people prefer to use the application for everything as opposed to using the Skout website. Although the Skout website is very useful, many people are stuck on their smartphones these days, and they prefer to use their smartphone to access the Skout network. Using one’s smartphone can also allow them to utilize to “shake the chat” feature, which brings a whole new meaning to chat. Those who use the shake to chat feature may find themselves talking to someone in a whole other country that may be a half a world away.

It’s unlikely that a person from the United States would find themselves talking to someone in Australia unless they knew the person already, but the shake to chat feature gives them this opportunity. Using shake to chat can randomly bring up anyone on the screen, and this means that conversations with people from around the world will occur all the time. Many people enjoy the shake to chat feature, and the feature has become one of the most popular on the network. Between Skout Travel, the shake to chat feature, the dating possibilities, and socializing, the Skout network has it all.

Skout Online Dating App

Skout is a tool for social network for those who want to greatly expand their social circle. There are many social apps that are available to a traveler who wants to connect with tourists when on the road. Skout enables members to take virtual journeys within various places that they may like, and which they can also turn into real vacations with the destinations that they find through the app. It has so far helped more than 10 million members to find their favorite destinations, where they have been able to find the region of interest with the assistance of locals in that region.

How it Works

Using Skout as a social network on, the people are able to find various virtual destinations to places that one wants to travel and even friends to meet. The user simply needs to download the app, where it can either be found in play store or App Store in the iOS devices. The user then simply needs to sign in, where he/she can be able to see the variety of options to choose from. You will need the GPS functionality which enables you to be able to search the locations as well as the friends nearby. As a user, you also need to ensure that your location is accurate so that you can find the correct info.

Skout will enable users to chat with locals or people from different cities or locations around the world and also be able to plan trips on favorite destinations around the world or whichever places that you would want to visit as a tourist, and make the dream true. It is mostly used by the youth, people of young age, as they are the age group that is mostly passionate about travelling to various places and also making new friends.


Scout has been able to connect millions of young users as that is its main focus and platforms. Currently, statistics point out that more than 10 million users are using skout and have been able to connect with their friends and various locations, most of them being campus and college students hence gaining a lot of popularity in social networking. According to the Chief Executive, Skout has proven to be popular, especially with the young adults and people who love to socialize with friends. This has been more than what it has been initially created to do before, in connecting with friends and giving directions.


Being a famous social app, it is very advisable for users who want to interact to use skout, as it can enable you to meet with various people anywhere around the world within various cities. The users can also be able to find various travel or interesting destinations to visit using the app, which is free either in App Store for apple iOS users or Play Store, for Android users. However, it is really important to know whom to interact with and the places to visit. You will also have various languages to choose according to your selection. It is an app worth considering.

The Life of Author Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias is a distinguished author hailing from Rio de Janeiro, and at 45-years-old, is one of Brazil’s leading writers. Born to author and journalist Arnaldo Dias and architect Dulce Garcia Dias, Jaime credits his passion and interest for writing to his father who encouraged him from an early age. By the time he was 15, he completed and published his first book inspired by the novel The Devil to Pay in the Backlands by Joᾶo Guimarᾶes Rosa.

His love for writing and desire to share it continued to grow, and in 1993 at the young age of 23, Jaime was hired as a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy. The program he taught focused on teenagers who all shared his enthusiasm for literature, and all intended to study it further upon graduation. His program and teaching skills became so impressive and assisted many kids in graduating that after four years, the academy elected him to serve as Vice President. After a decade, Jaime continued to see to it that more kids attended and graduated from the academy than ever before, and on the Carioca Literature Academy’s 100th year anniversary, they announced his nomination for president. To date, the academy remains influential for shaping and guiding young writers.

Although Jaime valued his teaching career and encouraging others to pursue their dreams, he never allowed for his own writing to wane. By 2001, he had compiled 10 books with one, Fell from Heaven, winning the esteemed White Crane award, Jaime’s first major literature award success. Following the win, the novel was thrust further into the spotlight. As it sold exceptionally well throughout South America, Argentine writer Joshua Gomez also honored Jaime’s work at the 2003 Latino Books Meeting.

In 2013, he started publishing weekly articles in the well-known newspaper Jornal do Brasil. He gathered all the articles he wrote to place them in a single novel about his life and childhood that he dedicates to his late father. Today, Jaime has published a total of 20 books, all of them having received various awards of recognition.

Find New Friends Today

Skouting For A New Pen Pal?

Ever since the population had access to the Internet people have been finding new ways to connect with other people from all around the world. Skout, a new app that was meant to help people make new friends has, to no ones surprise become a new dating app. While it is on its own website, Skout has an app that can be downloaded on Apple store or Google play. When reading about the site seems to have been originally set up to actually make some platonic friends from around the world. The company seem to have intended the application to be for world travelers or the season vacationer to more easily make friends. Unfortunately that is not how the Internet works, going to the app it is filled with people looking for love our hook ups.

Creating a profile for myself in hopes of making new friends, I saw scrolling down the list of people a bunch of lonely hearts looking to connect. Much to my surprise I did find that there were indeed many people seeking nothing more than a platonic friendship, people who are actually interested in becoming pen pals. The site allows you to post pictures and share whatever that is on your mind at the moment. It is more or less an international Facebook, well Facebook is great we’re friends you have already made Skout on twitter is more about getting yourself out there and making new friends.

Much to my surprise this was not A vulgar site! Unlike some other dating sites who shall remain nameless, that are known to have attracted the most simple minded perverts of the world. Skout seems to actually have people who are interested in getting to know the rest the world. When first created account the first message I received on my profile was of course from the site itself, stating that there are mainly three rules:

1) Be respectful of others
2) Be real, be polite, no impersonating others
3) No soliciting others for commercial services
4) No hateful, pornographic or harmful content

Then I was reminded to read the online safety tips. This quaint little app actually had a plethora of people from all over the world. The site is actually used by over 220 million people from all over the world. This app would actually be great for anybody who is currently trying to learn a new language and would like to practice with a native speaker, planning on vacationing and would like to get in contact with the locals or maybe for the occasional love on the road. The site is clean of dirty images and it’s simple layout makes it quite easy to navigate. So far I haven’t encountered any roadblocks where I need to pay to get some basic services, which is excellent because nobody really likes to spend money just to talk to people.

The name Skout is such a cute and an appropriate name that accurately describes what the application is all about.

Bruce Levenson Co-Founder of UCG

In April 2015, the ownership group for the Atlanta Hawks were working to complete the sale of the team. The group looking to buy the team is lead by Antony Ressler, an equity and investment fund manager. The Ressler group includes the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler, and Grant Hill, the former NBA player. This group has decided to purchase the Hawks for $850 million from Michael Gearon Jr., Bruce Levenson, and other investors. Also part of the Ressler group are Sara Blakely, Spanx founder and Itzler’s wife along with Rick Schnall, Clay Dubilier, and Steven Starker, BTIG co-founder.

The Ressler group is honored to be chosen as the new owners of the Hawks. Irwin Raij, Foley & Lardner sports attorney, believes the sales price is a reflection of the power of what the market can potentially become and NBA product itself. He feels that the going price of the team will be seen as positive in this market.

A year ago, Ressler was looking to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers, but the price was too high. Steve Ballmer’s offer was $2 billion. Once the Junior Bridgeman-Grant Hill group was no longer a part of the transaction, Ressler moved fast. However, Hill decided that they still wanted to be part of the process and choice to join the Ressler group. While Hill will only have a minor part of the ownership, according to a new NBA rule, he must be the owner of 1% of the team at least.

In September, Levenson decided to sell the Hawk shares he owns. Michael Gearon Jr. decided to sell his team shares in January. The Hawks are the leading seed out of the East, however, this season it is predicted that the team will lose money.

The Partner and Co-Founder at UCG (United Communication Group) is Bruce Levenson. Levenson also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz co-founded UCG in 1977. The company is still going strong 27 years later. Levenson still plays a vital role in the company and its business strategy. Before he founded UCG, Levenson was a writer for the Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. He also was a director. He has also served on the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association Board of Directors. The “I Have a Dream Foundation’s” president is Levenson. It is out of Washington. He also participates in many endeavors that are philanthropic. Levenson went to the Washington University and received his BA there. He also went to the American University in Washington, DC and received a law degree there.

Doe Deere Has Always Been Unique And She Wants Others To Be, Too

Every girl who puts beauty products on has a different idea of how she would like the outcome of the beauty products to be. No two girls like going for the exact same look, and they never should feel the need to do that. Every girl is so unique in everything that she does, and in who she is, and her beauty products should always be a reflection of who she is and how unique she is, instead of being all about what is trendy at the moment.
There are so many beauty products for girls to pick from when they go out into the stores or get online and look at them, and no girl should ever have to feel limited to any specific items when she is going out shopping. Instead, she should just pick out whatever appeals to her, and she should purchase those items alone.
Doe Deere on ideamensch was just a young girl in Russia when she got her first experience as an entrepreneur, selling tattoos to her classmates, and the love of doing that stayed with her for a long time to come. She moved to the United States when she was seventeen, and shortly after she arrived she joined up with a band. She found performing for an audience to be enjoyable, but eventually she knew that she had to move on and do something different with her life. And that is when she decided to start up a beauty products company.
Doe Deere has always been unique in the look that she has put on, herself, because she believes that that is the way that every girl should be with her beauty products. So, when she formed her own brand, she wanted it to be filled with unique items that would allow every girl to do something different with her beauty products.
Not every girl feels brave enough to go out with a dark colored lipstick on her lips, but there is at least one unique item out there for every girl to wear. No one should feel pressured to put on any certain kind of beauty product, for any reason, and every girl should realize that she can just do whatever she wants when it comes to her beauty products. She should purchase the items that she likes, and then she should only put on the things that she feels most comfortable wearing.